Coming from a mid-level casual player, One-Wasteland is absolutely grueling and miserable

Content of the article: "Coming from a mid-level casual player, One-Wasteland is absolutely grueling and miserable"

I'm a relatively new player, came in with the Xbox Gamepass PC wave. I downloaded Fallout 76 because I'm a huge Fallout fan, but had been turned away by the very, very shaky launch.

But for the past month or so, I had been loving Fallout 76. It was a lot of things I've always wanted from a Fallout. NV's surviving and weapon durability, 4's gunplay and crafting/customization, and the Hardcore mode's restricted fast travel and eating/drinking.

I'm around level 30, and was cruising through before the patch, taking it slow and casual, really soaking in each location and all the little quests and world-building. I usually play MMO's this way, ensuring I'm over-leveled for the location, grinding a couple of places before moving onto the next. Because one-shotting low-level enemies is fun for me after a full day of classes and work.

But One-Wasteland ruined that. I seriously can't progress any more. I'm out of ammo, out of scrap, all my guns and armor are totally ruined, my newly acquired Power Armor is trashed (I suspect this is done purposely to encourage people to buy repair packs on the Atom Store). I've chosen mainly exploration, surviving, and customizing/crafting perks, as that's what I enjoy from 76, so I have no way to form any "build". The weapons I used before hand were all snipers/semi-auto rifles and pistols, which I understand were hit by the nerf the hardest. So I'm just, completely screwed.

I highly dislike having to pour over forums for optimal builds and strict perk choices just to have a fighting chance, but that seems to be the audience Bethesda is catering to with this direction.

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To think just a few days ago I was really considering getting Fallout 1st and convincing my friends to join, but after this patch, I simply have no desire to play. Being killed by mongrels and ghouls at the starting location just because I'm desperately trying to find lead to make more ammo, that isn't fun.

Casual players and low/mid level players were utterly shafted with this update, and until they fix it, I literally can't play anymore, much less buy Fallout 1st.

EDIT: Just to add, something I've noticed. Almost all the posts praising One-Wasteland are from lvl200+ players who are deeply committed to a good build. It makes sense they would enjoy it, as I imagine it added some challenge, but not enough to totally ruin their play style. If you find yourself enjoying One-Wasteland, please, try to make a new character, and just use weapons that should be fun, not the meta. You'll find its borderline unplayable.

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