Complicated thoughts on Lonesome Road

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Lonesome Road rubbed me the wrong way, in ways I can't really put into words. Mostly by being somewhat similar but fundamentally different to the classic Fallout games

From the outset, it made me feel special. I hate that. It made me feel like my character was some special person before he made his mark. The main antagonist has some personal interest in me.
What the hell? That's not how it's supposed to go! In Fallout, The Master is only interested in me because I knew the location of a vault. In Fallout 2, Frank Horrigan and Dick Richardson don't even know who I am, and only even hear about me when I get to their oil rig. Even so far in New Vegas, I've felt like everyone with power has only been invested in me as far as I can be useful to their goals.

And let's talk about that final confrontation with Ulysses, with his whole talk about "knowing your history," and "America reawakening." *yet not one mention of the Enclave, Unity, Richard Gray, Frank Horrigan, etc.* So far New Vegas has been periodically giving me delicious little drops of Fallout 2 references. To have a character with such a fixation on history that he named himself after a Civil War general never reference history from just 50 or so years ago in-game just confused me. NCR's war with the remaining Enclave at Navarro was about as far away from NV as the Vietnam War is to us.

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The whole time I was talking to him, I just wanted to discuss history from the Classic games. Talk him out of his dream of America by showing him the absolute failure and madness of the Enclave, and the flaws of the Master's plan. Only after fully learning the past from people like Arcade Gannon and Marcus, of course.

Also, tunnelers. Excuse me, what? The best of prewar and Enclave engineering creates deathclaws, which aren't *that* different from actual animals. Even their aggression can be explained by how they were made as weapons. Still, Fallout and Fallout 2 NPC's remark that it's an absolute anomaly that they've evolved so much in 80 years. Then normal radiation and atmospheric FEV creates bioluminescent, scaled humans capable of tunneling, which have an absolutely irrational aggression response to all other creatures.

These creatures are apparently going to be the doom of the Mojave. Does it make sense for them to attack humans (which tend to be, y'know, armed with guns)? Apparently. Even deathclaws, engineered for killing, are just a hazardous animal, not civilization's doom.

And those marked men. They're trapped in the divide 'cause of radiation and wind stripping skin blah blah blah. They're obviously not feral, since they can use guns and set up ambushes. Why do they attack on sight? Something about hatred and desperation yadda yadda yadda. I would have *loved* to talk with them about their mission, maybe take sides in a few sidequests, but nah. Generic enemies that don't say so much as a word.

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Basically what I got so far. Needed to get that out there. Would be cool if I get a lotta replies so I can talk to y'all about New Vegas and the classic games and all that good stuff.

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