Connie and Lucy Abernathy in Federal ration stockpile (little adventure, maybe bug)

So after waiting a long while I went back to the Federal ration stockpile to see if the raiders and loot respawned so I could get some XP and stuff. They did and I went underground through the bunker section (not the church). After going down the stairs I hear gunfire. The turret and two raiders you usually encounter there are attacking (or being attacked by) Lucy and Connie Abernathy! WTF! How did they get down there? They weren't kidnapped because I didn't get an emergency broadcast from Minutemen Radio and Preston didn't tell me Abernathy Farm was in trouble. I went and gunned down the raiders and the turret as quick as I could because Connie and Lucy's armor wasn't that good and they had taken quite a bit of damage. I tried to interact with both of them but it was only "Let's trade somethings or I'd like to trade". No mention of kidnapping or anything. The two then proceeded to walk up the stairs and out of the bunker. I followed them (escort them basically) home. The only stressful incident along the way was a gunfight with Gunners guarding a highway on-ramp. Arriving back at their farm they went straight back to farming. This had to be a bug because I did not download any mods that effect settlers (just weapon and armor mods). Turned out to be random (maybe bug) mini-adventure I have never encountered before in this game. You are full of surprises Fallout 4! Anyone else have something like this happen to you too?

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