Consolidated area loot, swappable perk ranks, better daily op reward system. A suggestion thread.

Fallout 76 has gotten better over time, but some things haven't change and continue to either be to time consuming, flat out frustrating, or could just generally be better. Three of these things is: looting mob piles. needing two of the same perk card, but at different ranks. And not getting elder, and receiving no reward. I have a suggestion for these three game mechanics that I feel would be a vast improvement.

  1. Consolidated area loot: This is a feature that Elder Scrolls Online uses, and it lets you loot all defeated mobs in an area from any of there inventories. One of my biggest issues with F76 is having to spend literal minutes to loot everything or find that one legendary that can never be found. Consolidated area loot would fix all of that. And events like radiation rumble would be so much easier to loot.

  2. Swappable perk ranks: the current system of needing duplicate cards to achieve the same thing with a slightly different effect is clunky, frustrating and could just be better in general. My thought is why cant we max out a card, and then when we equip that card choose what rank we want? As a example say i want to use a rank two variant of first aid. Currently i would need six cards. Three to max rank the card initially. Two more to get a rank two. And one additional card to have rank one and make any combination. My proposal is that you can choose the rank from the card itself. If you have a rank three first aid, but need a rank one version. You would pick thetier three first aid, but select it at tier one. This would make classes and loadouts easyier to deal with, eliminate the entire need for duplicates. And possably even make getting coins for legendary perks more simplified.

  3. guaranteed tiered loot for daily ops: A few updates ago daily ops were changed so that achieving Elder tier was a 100% chance to receive a rare item from the rewards list. I would like to see this system expand to both the initiate and paladin tiers. Initiate once achieved would be a 100% chance to get a reward from the common reward tier, and paladin once achieved would be a 100% chance at a un common reward from the reward list. They would still retain the chance at a additional rare item. But you would be guaranteed to always get a reward per tier. This would vastly improve daily ops, and so long as you complete the op in a tier, you will get a reward. Get all three tiers get three rewards. DO would become more active, less frustrating, feel more worth the time and effort. And most importanly, less punishing for not achieving elder tier, and getting nothing for your efforts.

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