Controversial opinion: The season progression isn’t as bad as the posts make you think

Content of the article: "Controversial opinion: The season progression isn’t as bad as the posts make you think"

TL:DR Can we at least give the season a full week to see what level we are at before we judge an entire 10 week challenge. We are claiming its not achievable on incorrect maths and all the posts are taking away from the real issues that need attention (Like the clunky as hell ammo converter… like seriously that was the design choice of operation they chose? Or no confirmation on crippling the Queen? And Adrenalin not working)

Can people spend more time playing to game to see the results for themselves rather than jumping on the hate bandwagon for the seasons. I saw the same thing with everyone panicking that we'd have to pay for seasons when the inside the vault had wording that could be taken out of context and there was a new post every 5 minutes over it but then what? There was no paying for seasons and everyone freaked out over one post and then made another post and then another post over what turned to be nothing.

I got to level 8 last night, now I know that includes some weekly challenges completed but there are still 6 more days in the week of dailies I have the opportunity of playing for. The 10,000xp repeatable I got multiple times while in a team doing events with bonus XP and well rested. Sure it's going to get harder with each level but a 10 week event and I'm nearly 1/10th of the way the through the levels in one night.

So question for everyone out there, after playing what level are you currently? Ignore the hypothetical maths that focus solely on the challenges and nuclear winter because I suck at nuclear winter and never play it, not even for the rewards but after actually playing what level have you currently reached?

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I also get everyone wants all the rewards and don't want to feel like missing out but we are on day 2 of a 10 week challenge. Now the grind for rep in Wastelanders was/is real and I still haven't even achieved max rep yet though hopefully I will in the next week as I am close but in my honest opinion, which I know many will disagree with is that from what I have experienced is that it doesn't seem so bad and it does seem achievable.

Hell, for context, I am a fairly slow to progress style player. I pre-ordered the game and only just got my possum backpack a few months ago so I am definitely not smashing out absolutely everything this game has. It took me a year to launch my first nuke at level 70ish and I am by no means an exceptional build (I believe many would say I am a food build?) and I know I will get down voted for this post but please as you down vote comment your personal experiences, not the hypothetical maths as I want to hear some real feedback on others opinions that they have formed themselves. What level are you currently? How much did you really play to achieve that? Are you actually going out of your way to get S.C.O.R.E.?

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