Currency in Fallout 76: The next step

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In a round-a-bout fashion, we have a backed currency in Appalachia; bullion is exchanged for caps, giving caps a solid backing that it won't have elsewhere until it's backed by water in the arid West some decades from now in the future.

So caps have an established value. It has gone from an approximate fiat currency (or fiduciary money) with caps as the medium of exchange to representative money with caps as the effectively worthless representation of the gold that exists.

Next steps?

Now that we have a currency, we not only have more stable economies of exchange, but it allows us to move into more complex economics.

We should be able to gather interest in banks, take out loans with objects given as guarantee in pawn exchange, invest into opportunities, and even gamble.

So there's a few things I'd like to see:

  • Gambling. Fallout 76 is rated M17+. A18+ allows gambling with real money, but at M17+ we're fine with gambling with fictional currency (frankly, rolling at the Purveyor is basically gambling already…). Give us a casino; give us poker and one armed bandits and blackjack. If we really need an extra step, do what Rockstar did and have us exchange caps for casino specific currency.

  • Banking. Allow us to bank caps to an account limit of 100k. Allow us to gain a small percentage as interest over time, or lock in percentages of stored in longer term bonds (1 month, 3 months, 6 months?) for higher payouts. Further, include a 300 weight account wide stash. This will allow safe transfer of items and caps between characters on an account, reducing the chance of items disappearing or being scammed, reducing the load on Bethesda customer service.

  • Investment. Allow us, as a weekly quest, invest in one of a different selection of trade caravens or ventures. Maybe a raider group wants backing in caps to do a bunch of high risk raids, and you get a portion of return if they're successful (and you can choose to aid them in you want to up the success chance). Maybe Foundation wants to recruit some specialists that are coming in from the Pitt. Maybe Blue Mountain has a caravan going from the bottom of the map to the top. All of these can have a chance of failure and success, and degrees within that, and you can tip the odds slightly in favour by aiding it in its goal.

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Gib gambling, banking of items and caps, and investment in NPC ventures.

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