Daily Ops guide and datamined complete rewards list and probabilities

Content of the article: "Daily Ops guide and datamined complete rewards list and probabilities"

TLDR: Spreadsheet is still a work in progress due to the insane number of plans that can drop for low levels. Will be updated in realtime as I fill it in, but the rewards everyone wants to know about are there and done.


The important thing to note is that rewards are player-level based. Please pay attention to the values in this column.

Full info: When you log in, go to Watoga and you should have a misc quest objective to read a note. Eventually you'll get an objective to do a daily op. Join a Daily Op team, pull up your map and you'll have the daily op panel in the lower left corner of the screen. There you can see the location, enemy type, and mutations active. Join the op and follow the directions. To make the ops go faster, you HAVE TO STAY NEAR THE OBJECTIVE. Watch the progress indicator at the top right to see if you are getting the speed bonuses or not. The radius isn't very big but to get the top tiers, you need to get all the boosts you can.

The rewards work differently than any other event. There is a repeatable pool that you get no matter how fast you do the Op or how many times you do it. Then there are tier-based rewards for how fast you complete it: Initiate, Paladin, and Elder. You can only earn one of each tier per day. They do stack. So if you complete Elder on your first attempt, you don't need to complete Initiate and Paladin. You will roll all 3 levels with that single completion. So you'll have 1 good chance at a rare plan and 2 bad chances….all with a single completion.

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The Ops are randomized every 24 hours. So every server you play will have the same location/enemies/mutations during that 24 hours period. I'm not sure what time it resets daily but it's either Noon US Eastern or Midnight UTC. I will need to verify this and will update once I figure it out.

Enemies will scale to your level in accordance with One Wasteland. There is a completely different pool of 'rare' rewards for players under level 50. Note that the lists will auto-trim based on your level, so the odds will change for those lists depending on your level.

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