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I often do solo daily ops on elder rank and i want to share a few small tips how to do them at an ease. I often do repeat them to get legendary scrips, drops, ammo, grenades and caps.

I will split the text up for both types of daily ops: uplink and decryption. I hope i can help out for some people, but i'm bad at explaining things and english is not my native language. I do not use any glitches and hacked/duped legacy weapons. Only stuff that is available to the average player.

general charakter armor and health perks

I do play both daily ops with a full health tank speed build. I can recommend armor which has the legendary effect of speeding up AP regeneration, because much sprinting and VATS aiming is needed. I can also recommend the use of the skill adamantium skeleton, fireproof and marathoner. Field surgon is nice to have for decryption. To round up: the build should be focused around strenght, agility and luck. High running speed would also be a favor.


  • Gauss Shotgun (Vampire's for decryption would be nice)
  • Automatic grenade launcher (two shot version recommended, it actually doubles the damage)
  • Fatman (mostly as a secondary weapon)
  • Power Fist (anti armor power fist for melee enemies, it does great damage and no impact on sprinting speed, because it falls under the unarmed class)
  • Vampire's Flamer
  • (Optional) Broadsider


For uplink i like the use of the gauss shotgun, it does great damage and has a good ammo drop rate from enemy inventories. I start the mission by launching a few grenades from the automatic grenade launcher into the enemies which are next to the first device while walking towards it. Then i start sprinting towards the closest uplink, mostly Alpha. When the bar is at ~95% i start sprinting towards the second uplink. When the bar is at ~95% start i sprint towards the enemy group and depending on the map layout and their formation i use a mini nuke, the gauss shotgun or the grenade launcher. On more open maps you can wipe out many of them with a mini nuke and in tight and cornered maps, its better to wipe them out individually.

When sprinting between the uplinks, i hide my weapon to increase sprint speed.


This mode is intended to be played with stealth in mind, but when soloing, it sneaking around is too slow. Kill it before it can kill you is the preferred method. It is also important to have access to quick healing. It depends on the map individually and on the enemy mutations which type of weapons i choose. For open maps like valley galleria its fine to use mini nukes and the grenade launcher. For tight and cornered maps its better to use the gauss shotgun. A vampire's gauss shotguns has a very decent amount of healing. i sometimes use sugar bombs to boost my AP for short bursts, because a lot of sprinting is needed. A Vampire's Flamer is almost what i would call an OP weapon. With some exercise you will rave through decryption.

Some additional possibly helpful tips

Melee enemy strategy: for both uplink and decryption is use the anti armor power fist as main weapon. It does good amount of damage and my strategy is to lure enemies into a corner, so they can not shoot at me. Also beating the boss enemy into a corner will make him unable to defend himself, because he is too busy to staggering and blocking my attacks. A 40% swing speed power fist would be amlmost OP, but i myself haven't got my hands on one yet.

If you use a broadsider to finish off the last shot of the boss enemy, you will gain ~200 cannonballs as reward. These have a nice exchange rate for the ammo converter which allows you to buy the more expensive mini nukes and 40mm grenades. I don't remember the last time i had to craft ammo from materials. A two shot broadsider is actually a pretty decent weapon to use with an absurd amount of damage and enemies drop the cannonballs in plenty numbers.

Instead of the vampire's flamer you can choose a vampire's plasma pistol/rifle with the flamer muzzle attachment for decryption. It has a really high amount of DPS, but consumes a lot of ammo. i have even seen some badass bloodied players using them in these daily ops with great success.

I can not recommend the use of (gauss) miniguns and gatling lasers for decryption because they need too much time to spin up. Also their impact on the sprinting speed is too high. But for uplink they might be a nice choice.

For invisible enemies i like to actually prefer the Fatman, causing great amounts of area damage.


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