DEAD MONEY and how a great atmosohere can overcome frustrating game play

Content of the article: "DEAD MONEY and how a great atmosohere can overcome frustrating game play"

So after being proved wrong with my initial take of HONEST HEARTS (started off bored, by the end the story of the Father of the Caves brought me to tears) I decided to venture out and explore DEAD MONEY next.

Before starting I heard two things about DEAD MONEY

One was people saying that it was great, and tragic, and one of the best they ever did

The other was people saying fuck Dead Money, it's the worst, most annoying bullshit ever

After playing I can definitely see both sides

On one hand the combination of:

-radios that can make you explode (and some you can't shoot)

-navigating toxic red acid clouds

-the Ghost people who are uber powerful and require you to chop up their whole body before they stay dead

-holograms you literally can't damage at all and will kill you quite quickly

-losing all your weapons and Stimpacks at the start

That combination I can easily see frustrating and annoying any player

Hell there were times I was desperate to "get back to normal" with enemies you can actually hurt who stay dead

On the other hand….its a DLC. It's not supposed to be as easy as the rest of the game.

I had reached that point we all reach where all of my powerful weapons were maxed, plenty of Stimpacks, powerful armor…nothing was that much of a challenge

So I welcomed losing almost everything and starting fresh

For me personally it was never too overwhelming. I enjoyed how much things escalated especially when I rang the bell and the streets became flooded with Ghost People and it became a horror movie where my only goal was ESCAPE AND SURVIVE

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But yeah…the beeps, the toxic gas, the unstoppable enemies did pile up…

But unlike HONEST HEARTS, DEAD MONEY managed to hook you right away with a killer premise

The problem of course is that premise is more exciting than the game play itself

If there is a FALLOUT TV show can you imagine how a newbie would react to the DEAD MONEY episode?

"When an insane ex Elder takes the Courier hostage, he forces them to cooperate with a traumatized mute test subject, an untrustworthy ghoul lounge singer and a super mutant with a split personality by placing explosive collars around all their next and making them rob a casino surrounded by toxic red gas and populated by deadly holograms and monstrous ghost people"

Everything about that is bat shit crazy in the best way possible

In the end I didn't keep playing because I really enjoyed being blown up or fighting Ghost People

I kept playing because I wanted to help Dog and God reach a place of mental stability

I kept playing because Dean Domino may have been duplicitous but he was so damn entertaining

I kept playing because I wanted to help Christine get her revenge on Father Elijah

I kept playing because I wanted to see just what was in that vault and worth all that trouble

And what a great twist btw. Hell it's a double twist

Because while yes there were gold bars in there (more on that later) the real treasure of the Seirra Madre was and always has been Vera Keyes

She was his treasure

She was what he wanted to keep safe

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She was the whole reason the Seirra Madre was built

And she OD'd mere feet from the elevator that was made just for her voice.

On top of all that we spend all this time fighting throw toxic acid gas and deadly holograms to get to the treasure Elijiah is so obsessed with….only to realize that the toxic acid gas and deadly holograms was the treasure that crazy bastard was after the whole damn time.

It was the feature not the bug.

One last note on the gold bars

I kind of wish they made it THIS close to being possible to escape with all of them

As it is now well yeah obviously you're never gonna make it out in time with all the gold especially if you need to jump. Way too far and your collar is beeping

If however they made it closer with no jumping involved…..give players the illusion of "maybe you can make it out of here with everything"

Only to make them realize that if they want to escape…..they have to let go.

So much to think about and chew on. I must have missed some terminals because I still have no idea what the gas is or where it came from.

At the end of the day I loved it in SPITE of the game play, not because of it and can totally see why some people hated playing it

The atmosphere though? That chilling casino contrasting with the orange sky and red clouds? Blue ghosts roaming the streets and dark creatures with glowing green eyes hiding in the shadows?

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Off to OLD WORLD BLUES next. Let me guess. Another dumb excuse to why all my weapons and Stimpacks will be gone?

I'm cool with it

Two for two so far with these DLCs, Obsidian

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