Dead Money, More of a chore than a fun experience

Content of the article: "Dead Money, More of a chore than a fun experience"

I'll admit, I was very excited to play "dead money". That's why I saved that dlc for last. (Thinking this would be the most fun for me) When I first started the dlc my curiosity carried me through the 1st mission, however, this was not without frustration. Don't wanna spoil anything for ppl who haven't played it yet but let's just say the mission objectives are buggy and I had to do some of them multiple time to register and give me the next part of the quest. There are alot of bugs and I'll just leave it at that for bugs. I couldn't help but to fund the whole dlc really "gimmicky". Between the ghost enemies and broken stealth system, it's difficult to find a play style that works or that was intended for this dlc. If the goal of this dlc was to make the player feel how they really would in a situation this "dead money" (frustrated, upset, irritated and just wanting it to be over) then I would say they succeeded. However, if the goal was fun and an overall enjoyable and rewarding experience, I would have to say they fell short (imo). Normally, when playing New Vegas, I can always lean on my curiosity to uncover new things and learn about the world that's usually more than enough to get me through the "unpleasant" bits in games but this is different. I have no desire to uncover the secrets of the Sierra Madre or thus world. I JUST WANT IT TO BE OVER! I wanted, so badly, to like this dlc, when I read about the plot I was very intrigued and excited, but now I'm just over it. I'm really happy that alot of ppl loved it and had tons of fun with it but that simply hasn't been my experience. I think I'll keep a save inside the dlc just in case I wanna go back and play more but for now I'm loading my pre dlc save and walking the Mojave looking for adventure. (By the way, I've played a substantial amount of the dlc already and after researching, I know I'm close to the end, so don't think I played it for 10 minutes and said "screw this")

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