Dear. Fans of Fallout: We’re all here to stay. Get over it.

Content of the article: "Dear. Fans of Fallout: We’re all here to stay. Get over it."

Fallout franchise is the house that two Fallout fans live as roommates. We're both here to stay. Get over it.

Upon Fallout 4's release, we went through a period of huge backlash when Fallout fans berated the game for its lack of Role-playing elements. And we got over it.

Then, we went through a period of reevaluation of Fallout 4 and started critiquing the game for what it intended to be rather than what we wanted it to be. Like finally realizing our child doesn't want to grow up the way we want, but rather the way the child wants. That was a welcome change.

We had a quarrel, and we got over it. So don't go overzealous now on the defense of Fallout 4 and start becoming the people you were defending against. We don't need to go there.

To NV fans: I think most of us had gotten over the fact that Bethesda-style of power fantasy, non-rpg, sandbox exploration Fallout is here to stay. I got over it.

I confess; I made a sleep-deprived rambling rant on this sub pointing out how Sole Survivor following the path of the little Shawn made no goddamn sense. 6-7 people corrected me and explained how the 60 year gap did make sense because the real Shawn planned the goose-chase from the beginning. I still have my gripes with the way the plot was delivered like absolute lack of foreshadowing, but I got over it.

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If you haven't gotten over it and are still being unpleasant to your roommate who loves Fallout 4, please get over it. Bethesda knew the expectation for their title to be more of a RPG, and still decided to develop Fallout 4 as such. Fallout 4 is Bethesda's statement of "this is what our future open-world games will be like". Unless Microsoft decides to give another Fallout spinoff to Obsidian, New Vegas is the last of its kind, and your roommate who loves the new kind of Fallout is here to stay. So, get over it. (I love Outer Worlds, but it isn't and never will be NV. Get over it.)

To Fallout 4 fans: No matter how much you dislike us for not loving the game you love, we're here to stay. So, get over it. Yes, there have been times when we acted like we were superior because we loved a memorable story, meaningful dialogue choices and character progression choices that not only impact the gameplay and the story, but also the identity of the character we're playing.

We were wrong to act superior. And we got over it.

So it truly baffles me now that some of you are acting like how we used to: I'm right, you're wrong, Fallout 4 is great, and if you don't agree with me then you're an entitled snob with no brain to understand the definition of a good game.

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Yes, I'm looking at you who made a post about how Fallout 4 was over criticized(a point I agree on) then went ahead to act exactly like the people you were criticizing in the comments.

Your roommate has as much investment in this house called Fallout as you do. We admit our mistaken ways of arguing that Fallout 4 is trash because it wasn't what we wanted. And we're here to stay.

Get over it.

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