Delbert Recipes – some old some new locations

Content of the article: "Delbert Recipes – some old some new locations"

The older Delbert Recipe thread is archived and some of the locations a have moved with recent updates. Traditional Chitlins is still bugged (will Bethesda ever fix this?). I sell these like crazy because even seasoned players tend to not see them and pick them up.

Two of the recipes in Flatwoods are no longer there (one was a duplicate anyway). There used to be another duplicate at Ohio River Adventures but that one's gone now too.

Most locations are the same but I noted below where the locations have changed with recent updates:

Delicious Deer Skins – Wavy Willard's, on a shelf in the back left inside the locked stall to the left as you enter the park.

Mud Cookie – Aaronholt Farmstead, on kitchen countertop.

Corn Pone – Tyler County Fairgrounds, on a shelf in the Funnel Cake kiosk.

Appalachilli – Flatwoods, on shelf at Responders house just across from the cooking area.

Tato Salad Surprise – Silva Farmstead, on kitchen countertop.

Sunshine Oil(new location) Welch in third house on Elkhorn street on kitchen countertop next to sink.

*Traditional Chitlins – Spruce Knob Campground on picnic table (bugged and can't be picked up. I've tried every suggestion on Reddit and call BS on all of them).

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Mountain Hocks – Beckwith Farm, on brick by campfire near flagpole at top of the hill.

Company Tea – Superior Sunset Farm in basement on pegboard. If your the first to visit this in a while there is also usually a random plan on the shelves at the back of the basement.

Granny's Sweet Tea – Mac's Farm on side table just inside the front door. Magazine spawn point on the left side of that room too.

Bunless Cramburger – General's Steakhouse, on the countertop in the basement kitchen. turn right on entering the kitchen, countertop on right. Sometime also a plan on the countertop next to the sink. The General's is a pretty rich place on average as I regularly pick up bobble-heads and magazines there almost every session.

Pothole Potpie(new location name and new location) The Retreat straight ahead from spawn point up stairs to top floor. On left just through door next to computer.

Sweet Labrador Tea – Raleigh Clay's Bunker on kitchen table.

If you start at Wavy Willard's, and with Travel Agent perk, you can fast travel the entire circuit for about 103 caps (skipping Spruce Knob).

Otherwise, if were ever on the same server, visit my CAMP on the highway just south of Whitespring and I'd be happy to sell you some if I have them. The purified water and radiation shower are always free. 🙂

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