Does anyone feel kinda embarrassed that some Fallout fans, and some specific older ones, act so… Weird?

Content of the article: "Does anyone feel kinda embarrassed that some Fallout fans, and some specific older ones, act so… Weird?"

I won't name any names because I don't want this at all to be a smack talk about anything or anyone, but in some of the Fallout-based sites and communities, there's quite a bit of important stuff like very exclusive interviews with some really important clarifications on lore and the series, and some really big and important downloads and patches, that are found on sites for communities that have some… Interesting opinions.

To say the least, at least on a few visits I found the most prominent members believe things like "Women shouldn't be in the gaming industry" or "This person who straight up sexually harrassed someone did nothing wrong" , and uh, "This product Bethesda made for Fallout was specifically designed to make fun of us and old fans" or "I think it's a funny joke to make fun of a hypothetical woman being beaten and killed for not agreeing with me about Fallout" and… A giant rainbow of 'Rape and prostitution' analogies every time a new piece of news came out about Fallout since the Bethesda acquisition in 2007. I mean… Like every other post. "Bethesda *****'d Fallout in every orifice," "Bethesda didn't even wait until Fallout was legal to **** and ***** it, and *******"*… on more than one occasion some users straight up had Nazi image avatars and nazi-based names as a "Joke". From what I saw, there was even old deleted threads on some of these sites that straight up defended the idea of sending "Rape and death threats" to Bethesda. …wtf?

Now let me make it clear, in fact I'm a part of the people who love the classics, and I'm also mad about so much of the stuff that was lost, I firmly believe classic fans have so many very valid grievances with how Fallout has been handled, very much so, but even if there's "Plenty of very fine people among the classic fans" there's an undeniably massive amount of… Other stuff. Like I said above. Like. All over. And it's kinda embarassing?

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I run into it not just on fansites but on lots of certain communities, there's a really weird elitism that seems to stem from and permeate everywhere from that, to the point it's just kinda creepy and almost cultish. And some of them are of the opinion they should be the ones who are considered the "only real fans" and uh, you know, uh, that's kind of… Out there. I don't get why you'd think a video game is THAT important you'd go so far on the internet for that. I know there's elitism in all fandoms, but some of the stuff I saw really took the cake…

And it's just the fact that you have to go to the places where these people are at to get the Good Stuff you need for stuff like Fallout 1 and 2 or to find real discussion on these games. It's in retrospect really embarrassing that some people's first impression of fans might be something like that if they're starting the series at the beginning and looking for stuff on it.

And Yeah, I do know there's people here who are also classic fans who go to those places and say "They're not all like that!" yeah, while that's true there's like a ton of stuff and people that are. One second a nice discussion goes into "Yeah, well Fallout is now a poor beaten prostiute that got kicked in the head by her boss and is now being- (expletive rant)" And it's just incredibly embarassing to see every other minute. Or almost every discussion about Bethesda that isn't overtly insulting to them having this underlying extremely passive-aggressive tone to it, and this isn't about Fallout 76, it's about Fallout 3. I mean, jeez, guys… Even 13 years later some of the few people are still like this…

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And it's just really annoying that you will inevitably *Have* to encounter these type of people if you want to find certain resources for Fallout, the classic games, and older interviews with it's creators… It just makes me kinda wish that there was other places to find the downloads, older art, and articles and interviews.

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