Downtown Boston might be the best area of any open world!

Content of the article: "Downtown Boston might be the best area of any open world!"

Visually, it just looks awesome! When flying in a vertibird, the city looks so big and it makes me want go down and investigate all the alleys and apartments. It actually feels like a living city! From the ground it also feels like a big labyrinth that you would easily get lost in if it weren't for your pip-boy. I also love how cozy and hidden everything feels. Hangman's alley is probably my favorite settlement because it has such a good atmosphere to it. It feels much more safe, as it is hidden between big buildings.

On a gameplay level, it also works so well. Compared to Fallout 3 and New Vegas this game has put a much more emphasis on verticality. This adds new possibilities in attacking enemies. You can often exit buildings from the roof, where you can jump from house to house in order to get a nice advantage point to snipe your enemies. Last time I entered downtown Boston I wanted to clear Hangman's alley, so I cleared out the mutants that are fighting the guards outside diamond city. I then ran up the stairs and jumped up on the roof. From there I could run over too hangman's alley. Then I just unloaded all my frag-grenades down on the raiders. So the fact that you can use the verticality of the city to your advantage makes it so cool.

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The city is also built very efficiently. There are many paths that you can take which makes it less hard for you to travel to your destination. I for example love how some buildings have small wooden bridges to the massive highway bridge that goes through the city.

Recently I cleared out an apartment, and when I reached the attic there was a hole in the roof. When I took a look through the hole, I saw a body lying on the edge of the building across the street. That character must have tried to jump over to the building. So I took a big leap and managed to reach the other roof. There I found another body and some hidden loot. I love how Fallout 4 makes it so rewarding to explore and investigate this massive city.

If you play Fallout 4 in survival mode it also feels a lot more intense while you traverse the streets. You don't know if there will be a raider camp just down the next street, so you never really feel completely safe.

Downtown Boston is therefore my favorite area out of any open world game I've ever played!

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