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First of all I am not hating on Fallout 4, I will be stating the good and bad of the game. Let us proceed.

“War, war never changes”

Fallout 4 is the 7th? 8th addition to the series I think. It was released worldwide on November 10, 2015 for the PS4, Xbox, and PC. It cost 60 USD.

Da Good:

Fallout 4 has some amazing combat, I feel like I am actually using a gun compared to the stiff over reliant on vats combat of New Vegas and 3. The combat

was made by the guys who worked on doom and it really shows. The combat feels fluid and the gunplay is awesome so good job guys you did swell.

Another good thing is the AWESOME gun customization. You can add all sorts of wacky and wild attachments to guns so you can make the starting pistol overpowered or

focus on leveling a really high level gun and make you an unstoppable killing machine. It adds a reason to actually pick up the random junk in the wastes

instead of it being a prop or set piece. This is also prevalent in the power armor customization so you can add things like inbuilt stealth boys, increase

special, give yourself Boones perk and even more, it is satisfying. Makes the flow of player leveling feel nice as well.

The power armor of 4 is seriously improved as well. In the old games you needed power armor training and it was just regular high level gear. In 4 the power

armor is like an actual vehicle. You have reduced movement speed but you have a huge amount of protection and overall is very fun to use. I find it hard to

explain so you will have to play it yourself to see what I mean. As a balancing act you need to use fusion cores to power the armor (haha) and they drain

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overtime so you need to use the power wisely. It is also the only stuff in the game that degrades and you repair it at a special workbench

My next point is gonna have to be the world of fallout 4. Bethesda are usually good at developing stories and crafting amazing worlds, and it really shines

here. When I am exploring Boston and the rest of the map I feel really immersed, it feels like I am in an actual city and the locations are awesome.

The visual storytelling is great and the world is beautifully crafted.

4 also enhanced the UI and quality of life. You are able to play games on your pipboy and some being actually really fun like the grognack game. They

added the inbuilt grenade hotkey so you would throw it like it is a COD game and STIMS HAVE A CUSTOM ANIMATION. They nailed the animation and the game looks

really good by Bethesda standards.

The final topic I would like to touch is the settlement building. While quite basic it is pretty satisfying, I didn’t get much enjoyment out of it but I am not good with micromanagement so eh. I could easily see someone having fun with this. You can have like 30 different settlements so there is a lot of replayability as well as being able to set up trade routes so you can provide everywhere to the commonwealth. Not so complicated it’s impossible to learn, and not to basic so its boring.

Da Bad:

First and foremost Fallout 4’s writing is laughably bad. It basically recycles Fallout 3s story and reverses the roles. The game expects me to be able to care about Shaun and my wife when I’ve only seen them for 5 fucking minutes. That is NOT how you invest someone in a character. The 4 “Factions” lead you to believe that they have a moral complexity and you would get to explore it through dialogue but nope it’s a cuckold. The characters are shallow as hell I never gave a damn about a single one of them. It uses simple plot devices I expect to see in a FNAF fanfic not a professional team of writers.

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You know what NOT to do in your Role Playing Game? Take away the Role Playing. Fallout 4 has next to NO roleplayability. Your story is set, there is little room for divergence. I can criticize 3 for not being good at having roleplaying but at least it had the karma system so I got to make a little choice. I can’t approach situations from multiple angles like I used to be able to. It is a narrow one way road. The removal of skill points means no more skill checks and makes character builds or roleplaying as a specific character even harder.

The dialogue makes oblivion NPCs look like Harvard grads. Every Dialogue box is either

A. Ask for money but yes

B. Yes

C. Sarcastic but yes

D. No (Do it anyway)

There are no skill checks so I can’t really choose how my character acts so it is just 3 or 4 flavors of yes, Bethesda boasts huge amounts of dialogue but it's all garbage. “Wide as an ocean, deep as a puddle”.

The voiced protagonist is fucking terrible, he is monotone and not in a good way like Cr1tikal but in a bad way. He is so mediocre and as well takes away from roleplaying. Having a protagonist being voiced takes away time from actual good dialogue.

The side quests aren’t good and no amount of convincing will tell me otherwise. They are all “Go here shoot thing” now you can say this about new vegas but oftentimes they offer more ways to do the objective and interesting stories. I only liked 2 quests. Last Flight of the USS Constitution, and the silver shroud. Both offer diverging paths and one has skill checks “woah so hard”.

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I know I am gonna be called a bandwagon hater or an Obsidian cock rider but that is my honest opinion. Fallout 4 plays more like a borderlands esque shooter looter than a RPG.

Please acknowledge this is my subjective opinion and I have nothing against anyone who enjoys Fallout 4, instead of downvoting leave a comment and we can discuss the review and debate or something. (also if anyone has noticed a spelling error or has some grammar corrections please tell me I will edit it) Peace out wastelanders.

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