Entire universe is a simulation of a computer, to develop a system for to foresee the future?

Content of the article: "Entire universe is a simulation of a computer, to develop a system for to foresee the future?"

Of course, this is just a funny assumption, but still…

We know for sure, that before the nuclear explosions, world was normal, and nothing super-strange happened there. After the nuclear explosions, the world was suddenly transformed, and in addition to the bizarre mutants, there immediately appeared a lot of even more bizarre things that were not there before. And some things went over the edge and got crazy.

Truth, of Fallout Bible is uncanonical, and it is no longer possible to say what was true and what was not. But, inside the game, all the information about world, we learn after its transformation.

My guess is that a computer, or even several connected computers, is working on a nuclear war scenario. All strange and absurd things happen because the computer misunderstands human behavior and cultural characteristics, as well as the presence of bugs in the program itself.

It is also worth noting, that the further the simulation moves, the stranger things become more and more, as reading errors and bugs accumulate like a snowball, and program based on them creates further developments.

This is why desolate and relatively calm and realistic world in F1 suddenly becomes overly dangerous because of a mad mutant, who wants to take over the world. And based on this data, new and new changes are taking place. This is how intelligent people go mad, and become strange creatures that produce even more strange things, because the computer think that in moments of stress, people are bound to go mad. It is possible that program has already had failures, if you count Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader, as one of the first simulations. Or even most of the Bethesda games, since they all involve alternate versions of Earth.

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The same simulation cells are also present in Fallout. Vault-Tec Shelters. Each shelter is a small simulation of an unlikely event, built on the principle <Of-what if?> – That is why they are so sadistic and absurd, and most importantly, divided into directories for shelter. So that there are always experiments of similar topics nearby.

But based on the conclusions from shelters, world of Fallout is built. And from the ordinary world, it turns into a world of retrofuturism and insanity the further the timeline goes. It's as if all fiction has woken up in world, and in addition to speculative mutants, mad scientists from comics, and magic, all absurdity has decided to manifest itself in the world.

This also explains, why some of details of universe change with each new part game. Either information stored in the memory is corrupted, or The Caretakers introduce patches, that change some details so that the world is more plausible.

This is a multi-level simulation. Even in reality, official guides constantly mention that this is a simulation. In the first part, there was even an lore explanation of this, that it's all about SimTek 5000, which is mentioned in the guide to F1 and F4. Also, inside the simulation, there are already technologies that can create a surprisingly realistic simulation themselves. So realistic, that you can get items from there, and user can even be killed. And users may not know that they are in a simulation.

In every Fallout game, we play as a The Computer-controlled character. Goal of the computer is to find out how one person, in a dangerous environment, can make a difference. After end of the simulation, necessary data is written to the result, which becomes main data for new simulation. This also explains why, despite the ability to create a character and choose a path, there is always a canon. And fact, that female characters are rejected, and male can not always keep their pants on, is due to belief of time that women are weaker, and men are more depraved, so men have a better chance of surviving, and leaving random offspring along the way. In the future, adjustments were made, based on sufficient data about capabilities of female body, so in future references, the Characters of shelters are mentioned without sex.

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But who created this simulation and why?

This was probably done by government to accurately, predict possible development of civilization after a nuclear war. Or, it was done by some nerd, who wanted to create a campaign in their loved DnD. We'll never know. But, it would be interesting to look at a world in which all these predictions did not come true, and the war wiped out humanity, leaving only ruins and a handful of survivors.

But given, with each part, time is moving forward, and situation is getting better and better, this will not happen.

Until simulation gives a satisfactory result, and is disabled. And then, we will see real consequences of nuclear war.


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