Even if you’re a fan of New Vegas, even you have to admit Legion writing/content was flawed.

Content of the article: "Even if you’re a fan of New Vegas, even you have to admit Legion writing/content was flawed."

Just a quick summary of whats wrong with the Legion.

Killing Caesar does nothing, the god of the faction, the Legion was created for him to serve him, not to serve anyone else, one of Caesars regret was that the Legion only cared about Caesar, not the ideals of the Legion, the other would be successors are all incapable, Vulpe is a creep, Lanius is a warrior and the leader of the Praetorian could never rein in Vulpe, nevermind Lanius. Unless Caesar tells them to fall in line, but if you kill him, that never happens.

A bunch of tribal can pose a threat to the post-apocalyptic depiction modern day republic with advanced tech and their advanced communication and freaking rangers (i get vietnam, but this was Vietnam invading America and winning), just freaking drop fat mans on the fort from atop a vertibird, the legion openly reject technology, not that they would have any tech to stop that action anyway.

Legion actually losing the first war vs NCR and all are like, nah that's cool. We got this, Caesar is a god! Even though the whole idea of the Legion was painted as to show Caesar is never wrong and unbeatable. The mantra that was challenged and never addressed.

Caesar creating a by partisan party discriminating against women, till the courier comes over as a women and he and everyone in Legion is like nah that's cool.

Caesar forgiving someone who could've wiped out every inch of Legion presence within Mojave, cause nah that's cool.

Also here have access to the WMD underneath my bunker, that i know exist there and i want you to go disable them as a show of loyalty, unsupervised, because i totally trust the guy who just wiped out most of my army in NV and has been openly helping out the NCR. Oh and last but definitely not least, Legate Lanius willing to retreat, the same legate who killed his former clan chief for surrendering to Caesar, 'cause it'd be too much to conquer' (brain fart of the year), even more hilarious if Caesar is alive, the last Legate that failed to beat NCR, got burned alive, that guy was Caesars best friend.

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At least NCR was spot on and very well written, Legion was just a vanity attempt to take your favorite period piece to the post apocalypse.

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