Ever Upwards! More Pioneer Scouts Please!

I love Fallout. I've really been enjoying 76. I have a myriad of critisisms and suggestions but overall I'm quite happy. My favorite faction so far is the Pioneer Scouts. Thus, if I could make only one suggestion to Bethesda it would be as stated above: More Pioneer Scouts.

To be specific: – Introduce Squirrel Badge; challenges, uniform, banner, etc… – A couple of flags for the C.A.M.P.; one with the Logo, one with "Ever Upwards". – More weapon skins. Mine is a melee build so I'd like every sword, axe and bat scouted-out but at least the hatchet (it's part of the logo). – A wall display for the C.A.M.P. that holds the challenge badges you've earned. -More missions/dailys/events such as:

"Help the old lady cross the street." (A guide/follower style mission.)

"Build a Shelter" (Help a settler make or repair their home.)

"Get the cat out of the tree" (Beat the Sheepsquatch on top of Tanagra.)

"Cookie Sales Drive" (Gather ingredients, bake s'mores, distribute them to settlements.) I'd love this!

You get the idea. Thanks.

Edit: The Bee Badge! I totally forgot… The BIG idea I had was an Apiary Badge that would include; harvesting honey and royal jelly, NOT harming bees, gathering flowers and involve/ reward you with hives that you could build at your C.A.M.P.. Possibly you'd have to kill HoneyBeasts but I'd like to see stealing stuff from them WITHOUT harming them.

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