F04 Settlement Expansion Ideas: The Slog

Many of the settlements in FO4 are unique, interesting locations even without being built upon by the player. The only issue is that they often lack depth in their characters and quests. I will be writing an expansion for a settlement each week until I have covered all of the ones with potential.

This week we will be focusing on The Slog, arguably one of the settlements with the most personality in the base game. At it's most basic, this settlement represents ghouls standing up against hatred and building a better life for themselves. As anyone who has played FO4 can tell you, their success is the talk of the Commonwealth. That being the case, I think it makes more sense for them to be an established, thriving town rather than an unprotected farm. This is a general idea of what it would look like (All credit to Orody on Nexus for their mod “Settlement Blueprint The Slog”). Large and protected enough to serve a decent population, but small enough to not outshine Diamond City or Bunker Hill.

Any good town needs 3-4 quests to flesh out the individuals living there and establish them as individuals with connections to the world.

  • Mr. Blue: An old Ghoul minuteman who was around for the start of the minutemen but left due to bigotry from farmers and other individuals. This would be an opportunity to share more about what the Minutemen looked like when they first started and why they chose their look and name. The quest would be helping him reconnect with his great-great grandson who is a member of The Children of Atom at the Crater of Atom. The player can convince him to join his descendant at the crater or can convince the worshiper to visit his great-great grandfather. Either choice results in a touching moment where the two reunite.
  • Endless Sleep: This quest would primarily be focused on how a Ghoul community would deal with one of them going feral. A basic outline of the quest is that a ghoul's wife went feral and escaped the settlement, injuring a human trader in the process. The town hires you to eliminate the feral on request of the trader, but the ghoul’s husband asks that you find and spare her so he can leave the settlement and continue to care for her.
  • Safe Travels: The Slog is in a fairly dangerous side of the map, surrounded by Deathclaws, Super Mutants, the Forged, and Gunners. A growing trader town needs access to safe supply lines if they are going to survive. This quest would involve establishing a clear route between Bunker Hill and The Slog. In gameplay terms, this would mean helping settlers establish outposts along the road, negotiating with Finch Farm and Country Crossing, and clearing out feral ghouls and robots that would interfere with caravans. With these three tasks, players have opportunities for both role-playing and shooting. A violent player could simply clear out all the enemies in this section of the map and turn in the quest, but a more scientific or charismatic player could focus more on establishing outposts and patrols along the route.
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Overall, the Slog has huge potential for quests giving insight into how ghouls live while also expanding the interconnections of the world.

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