F4 – Brahmin Behaving Badly (bovine bothers)

Content of the article: "F4 – Brahmin Behaving Badly (bovine bothers)"

So I take time away from my F4 adventures to post a story, a weird story i think, about how brahmin have been behaving in my game lately.

It begins in Sunshine Tidings, because some guy in a hat wanted me to go set up a beacon ("alright! alright! I'll go do it! geeeeez!") and after plonking it down and trying to put machiney-gun turrets on the roofs for defence ("why are some roofs ok okay and others not??") i get gunfire from up the hill… ROBOT RAID!! they got the drop on me, so I return the favour by dropping them with kelloggs pistol! ("you robots don't need those thrustery-things for anything, do you?"). after looting the bodies i begin to wonder what set them off, they started firing before they reached my defences, and out of nowhere a PACK BRAHMIN comes charging through the bush and nearly runs me over (don't think they can hurt me, but still), but whos brahmin is it? i haven't set up a provisioner yet? there isn't anything out here!

So, I try to figure it out by following the brahmin, it walks east along the edge of sunshine to the dam, crosses the dam (where the raiders have respawned, 3 kellogg delivered bullets to 3 indivindual skulls eliminates 3 raiders and thus the problem!), then it disappears at the end of the dam. I go looking and find 3 mutants at the nearby hilltop spawn (another 3 kellogg bullets) and lookout for more trouble, and at the edge of my sight i see a glow, pack brahmin lamp? it's getting dark… it disappears, i chase… catch up… same Brahmin! did it teleport to abernathy? no idea, but it's still walking alone through the wasteland, maybe its Carlas? her brahmin is always 5 mins behind her (for some reason…) is it heading for the diner? follow again. out of the bushes, ferals! boom boom boom, keep following, reach the intersection that heads south to the drive in, it keeps going towards the diner (aha!…?) it walks past (er, well, they walk past then double back, right?). it doubles back all right, at double time! (errr… oh oh?) i look past it to see why its running (getting pretty dark), try vats? ok then… vatslock – DEATHCLAW! (whaat? they eat at drumlins diner too!) it hasn't spotted yet, but is acting triggered, i crouch and quickly grab my big lunchbox mines (all you can eat!) and start dropping them next to the guardrail and fall back, because deathclaw is awake now and on his (her? it's? their?) way! i figure i shall start the party, and start said party on its legs (silenced 10mm – now with +50% more limb damage!), the deathclaw – perhaps not the brightest of its kind, suddenly runs away back down the road ("get back here! i didn't drop those mines for convenience! i dropped them for entertainment! get back and entertain!!!"), i persuade it with more bullets and it returns and gives me my moneys worth (i just realised while typing i forgot to collect the caps on the ground from the mines! crap! :/ ). the brahmin keeps going, past the diner (sigh, "really??") and i never get to find out where it's going, because the slog is under attack, and apparently really, desperately need my help, and can't possibly manage without me ("this is the real reason why fancy-hat-man didn't want to be general isn't it?"). so, slog off to the slog i go…

i arrive ready for a fight, but all is quiet ("i don't like false alarms! if you don't have a real fight goin here i'll start it myself!!! where are they?!?"). all that moves nearby – is another BRAHMIN ("oh yeah, i forgot i ordered one for here, glad it made it"), it just meanders because i have no trough ("i better do that"), but can't build one because it's not connected by supply line either and i didn't bring the mats to build with me ("dangit" :/ ). i need ceramics, there's a diner across the way, ("coffee cups! easy!") but no loot has respawned ("really? you're kidding! first no raid then no loot! grrr!!"), so i go back to the slog. as i run the fences (just in case i missed something…) i hit vats periodically to see if there's anything nearby, and at the south corner in the forest it locks something – more feral ghouls. I shoot a couple of legs with the 10mm, and the rest of them arrive, theres maybe 8, i throw a grenade at the first and vats his legs out ("yay for bonus limb damage!") and the grenade goes off on him as the mob behind arrives, it was a most efficient throw and most of the group is now indistinguishable from the rest, apart from one limb that flew over my shoulder and landed behind me ("hehehe! wheeee!!" XD), the car nearby is about to blow ("oh yeah, the grenade") so as i run away more body parts are blown over my shoulders (how do the inhabitants of the slog feel about the ghoul-meat-rain??) and the raid registers as over (really?? that was it?? they weren't even attacking or moving!?!). well, at least it's resolved now.

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so i still need some ceramic for my brahmin trough, so i head east around the ironworks (not yet, thats a big job, later) and find a little 3 storey house, well, most of it, as i get closer is see the back is missing, so i walk up to the 2nd floor, is it 2nd floor? or 1st? 1st floor but 2nd storey? whatever – it's ground floor +1, ok? and that may have been confusing, but not as confusing as walking into ANOTHER BRAHMIN! on the 1st…, 2nd…, ground floor +1! if i looked confused it looked even more confused! as if it had fallen out of the sky and landed in the house as i arrived! (i heard a moo, but not a thump, so i guess not?)

so this is where i made the decision to stop for a moment and post my brahmin themed episode of the day, so the cliffhangers of the rogue pack-brahmin, and the brahmin-trough-ceramics remain unresolved…

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however if anyone can explain to me why a pack-brahmin was wandering alone out at sunshine (or where it was going), or why all traders pack-brahmin seem to lag minutes behind, or why a wild brahmin was chillin on the 'ground +1' floor of a building northeast of the ironworks, please let me know below…

hopefully it was an entertaining read, i was worried it might be boring, so i narrated my own thoughts through the adventure 🙂 .

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