[F4] mods, conflicts, merging and partial customization

Content of the article: "[F4] mods, conflicts, merging and partial customization"

Well, it happens I've purchased the game and got sucked by the endless spiral of mods Now I've managed to stop me from installing more at 118 But it happens that I have to some conflicts and I don't want all changes from a single mod

Let's make an example Toughness I want it to have 6 ranks First 2 vanilla Next 2 1st mod Next ones 2nd mod

Atm I'm juggle between xEdit and Creation kit But none of both tools looks complete and stupidly simple It takes time, some operations aren't so intuitive and it's creating at times some new bugs

I'd like to edit single portions of let's say armors and perks by being able to enable or disable and then merge single effects

Similar to xEdit where you can compare the values and seeing from where they come but possibly more easy like in the creation kit where conditions and effects are sorted and shown better

For example, now I'm modding Moving Target At the beginning I saw tabs from better perks enhanced + perks revamped + unbogus + vafs + various patches I'd like to be able to edit all the various rows knowing where they come from and understanding how they work like in xEdit but with a more easy interface and all the features from CK

Let's say I open the tag Perk I see Sniper modified by 2-3 mods and the one who's winning the conflict Then I say merge them maintaining only these effects / conditions / values / names Now I should get a new file with all the magic effects and spells or other related stuff which I can put under SniperDefinitive.esp So here I have all the ranks, spells, magic effects etc

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Then I do the same for other perks In the end I merge all these single files into a single one The I should be able to load it and see it in comparison tabs allowing me to disable/delete all the unwanted conflicts without danger

So in the end I still have let's say unbogus and vafs which also are modding other parts of the game, then the final perk.esp file which now is independent

Atm I'm trying to do something like that manually rank by rank and it took me several days to eliminate every white perk in game, actually I'm still troubling with moving target Would be nice to discover some drag and drop features which correlates copy and duplicate various related files Would like to do it easier and faster for weapon damage, armor ratings, weight and chems/various

Thank you in advance for your attention and time

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