FALLOUT 3 GAME OF THE YEAR – Listed Crash Report & Solutions that Might Help You.

Content of the article: "FALLOUT 3 GAME OF THE YEAR – Listed Crash Report & Solutions that Might Help You."

Sorry, I know this is old, but I kind of need to post it, since the old post were either buried below or somewhere.

After reading through every bloody Steam discussion forums, I am going to listed several problems of the cause of crash and why. Solution may included, but I cannot guaranteed it will help, because the problem could occurred randomly based on your experience.

  1. Crash during opening/character creation.
    ISSUE: Graphic Cards (mostly, but others claimed otherwise, I'm not sure because there is more)
    FIX: Go to this link: <https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/24302> and place each files to their separate directory.

  2. Won't launch after clicking the bloody PLAY button.
    ISSUE: A recurring problems with Game For Windows Live that is discontinued.
    FIX: Download this .DLL <https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jSpfCNoDBIWm2SIaQL5xkbfjWUjJ0L6s/view?usp=sharing> and place it in the game directory (Where you installed it >> steamapps >> common >> fallout 3 goty/Click right on Fallout 3 and Browse Local File)

  3. DLC is missing
    ISSUE: It's just the way it is, honestly.
    FIX: After you play, don't CLICK THE BLOODY PLAY BUTTON YET! Go to Data Files, check all the Box on the DLC, or just LOAD ALL LOOSE FILES, then ok. And then PLAY. After you finished the prologue. You will received a bloody notification of the DLC mission and a LEVEL CAP that raise to Level 30.

  4. ALT+TAB, will crash.
    ISSUE: I don't bloody know about this. Many claimed it's because of the compatibility problem, but others claimed otherwise.
    FIX: Go to this link <https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/16001> and place the file on their designated directory. If you want to go to bloody detail, read the mod description on to install it.

ISSUE: Graphic Cards that is either Too Low/Too Med/Too High/Too Ultra/Too ULTRA-ULTRA BULL$H!T still experiencing this problem.
FIX: It's long, but I hope it helps. If it doesn't, you may experiencing it at your own perspective. Here's a guide created by SiTheHandsomeGuy.

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– Go to – This PC > Documents > My Games > Fallout3

– Open the FalloutPrefs.ini file

– Scroll down and find the

– Replace these variables:

fBlockLoadDistance=125000.0000 -> fBlockLoadDistance=75000.0000
fTreeLoadDistance=26000.0000 -> fTreeLoadDistance=13000.0000
fBlockLoadDistanceLow=50000.0000 -> fBlockLoadDistanceLow=30000.0000

– Now scroll up and find the tab

– Go down and find change these variables:

fShadowLODStartFade=x -> fShadowLODRange=270


Only do this if you have a NVIDIA Graphics Card:

– While still in the tab, replace this variable:

iPresentInterval=1 -> iPresentInterval=0

– Now exit FalloutPrefs.ini and open your NVIDIA Control Panel
(Right-Click your desktop and find the NVIDIA Control Panel)

– In 3D Settings go to > Manage 3D settings > I would like to use the following 3D settings: > Program Settings

– Under 'Select a program to customize:' find Fallout 3 (fallout3.exe)

– In '2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program:' change this:


– Now go through '3. Specify the settings for this program:' and select 'Vertical sync'

– Change this:

Vertical sync -> Vertical sync

(((While you are in the NVIDIA Control Panel you might as well go through this list
and try your best to set all the settings to high-performance. If you don't know
what some things are/do, look below the list and find 'Description:' and
'Typical use scenarios:'. This will tell you what that certain setting does, and
the examples on how to use them.)))

– When you are finished making your changes, click in the bottom right, and wait for it to load.

– Close the NVIDIA Control Panel


– Now exit FalloutPrefs.ini and go to FALLOUT.INI

– Go down and find

– Replace these variables:

(((uExterior Cell Buffer and uGridsToLoad are very sketchy! What this will
do is lower the chunks you render, which will increase performance, but it can
come with some side-effects that could include, messing up your save file, and
or screwing up quests/radio stations/anything that applies, that can only be
accessed via distance. All in all, if you continue with this, be careful!
I warned you!))) –

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(For High Performance)
uExterior Cell Buffer=36 -> uExterior Cell Buffer=25
uGridsToLoad=5 -> uGridsToLoad=4

(For even Higher Performance)
uExterior Cell Buffer=36 -> uExterior Cell Buffer=16
uGridsToLoad=5 -> uGridsToLoad=3

– Good to go! This should give you at least 10-25 added frames. Enjoy!

  1. Random Crash
    ISSUE: At this point, I really don't bloody know, because there is a LOT MORE THAT everyone reported. Some just minding their own business and f@#k all, others just crash/freeze during random moments. But here is a listed issue that I experience.
    – Crash at randomly
    – Crash after switching on/off controller
    – Crash during combat.
    – Crash when going to some place.
    – Crash when unlocking perks with console command <~>.
    – Crash going into Tennpenny tower/Megaton apartement
    – Crash/bug talking to "certain NPC"
    – etc.
    FIX: Well, I cannot guaranteed it will help, but I will list that helped me and others most. Others, well I don't know. Because this experience may vary on each perspective.
    – If you are playing FOSE, but use the save files from a VANILLA game, it will cause constant crash. PLAY FOSE in FOSE with the launcher and the same/created FOSE save files and play VANILLA in the VANILLA GAM with the vanilla launcher and the same/created VANILLA save files. DO NOT OVERWRITE or change a goddamn thing in your SAVE FILES. If you are confused and often forgot. Name Your FOSE/Vanilla save file like this:
    EXAMPLE: "(FOSE/VANILLA/*Whatever That Makes You Remember) . It will be saved like this: <(FOSE/VANILLA/*WHATEVER) John/Jane>
    – Sometimes it's your graphic card, but with Section Number 1 to help, it won't cause crash.
    – As for NPC, download this patch: <https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/19122>. It helps fix most bugs and some problems in the game.
    – If you want to add perks on console that you cannot achieved until later quest (POWER ARMOR PERK for EXAMPLE), I recommend to play it on FOSE. But if you are playing it with Vanilla version, I recommend to save constantly.
    – As For Entering places, I still don't know. But it mostly because Graphic Cards or the Multicore Render failed. But I think with the UNOFFICIAL PATCH, it fix the issue for most parts.

That would be all. Regardless, you can listed the issue by commenting below and I will add that and I hope for those who is about to purchase the game find this guide helpful.


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