Fallout 3 had the best beginning

Content of the article: "Fallout 3 had the best beginning"

Fallout 3 probably had the best start of any Bethesda game. There are several reasons why I think it beats NW and 4.

I love how it takes it time within the vault. This time is spent so well, as it introduces a lot of things for the player. Here are some reasons why it works so well.

  1. You spend plenty of time with your dad which makes you want to find him when he leaves. I found that I was more exited to find Dad in Fallout 3 than Shaun in Fallout 4.
  2. Gives you a lot of roleplaying right of the bat. This actually helps you create your own backstory. The birthday party is a very good example. There you can choose if you want to be a dick and even start a fight as the kid wants to steal your sweetroll. Another example is outside of the classroom, when the tunnel snakes are bullying your friend. You are also given the GOAT which helps you make your own backstory and morals.
  3. When you flee the vault you are also given several options. You can for example refuse the gun from the overseers daughter. If you do this, she will actually use the gun for her own safety later on. The same option is given when the "tunnel snake" guy asks for your help. You can again give him your BB gun so he can take care of the problem on his own, or you can just simply help him. You can also acquire the Password for the escape tunnel in different ways.
  4. Since you spend that much time inside the vault, it makes the exit more powerful. Once you leave the Vault you really feel like you entered a whole other world that has been kept away from you. I know every Bethesda game finishes their tutorial with a big and epic view of the world, but Fallout 3 might be my favorite. That view is just so amazing. You can even see the white house in the distance.
  5. I also just love vibe/atmosphere of Fallout 3's beginning.
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Todd Howard himself also thinks that Fallout 3 had the best start/beginning. He has been saying that in many interviews lately, which makes me hopeful for the future.

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