Fallout 3 is my favorite fallout game and here’s why.

Content of the article: "Fallout 3 is my favorite fallout game and here’s why."

I Love fallout 3 it's my favorite fallout game and here's why. And in case you're wondering I like fallout New Vegas but I love fallout 3 more. In fallout 3 you have the karma system if you do an evil deed like killing is it man you gain bad karma. But if you kill raiders and kill slavers you get good karma and it's so simple and getting good karma comes out on top in the end. Why because you get Fawkes an intelligent super mutant companion with a Gatling laser and then you have other companions. Jericho an old raider is megaton that tries to protect the town. Clover a slave girl with Stockholm syndrome. Sharon ghoul that's taller than any human character and ghoul character in the game. A brotherhood of steel paladin and dogmeat. But now let's talk about fallout 3 5 major DLCs

You have operation Anchorage in that DLC pack you have to go into a VR pod and go through a simulation a pre-war simulation Anchorage Alaska and go into the war that took place fighting the commies. and do you know what you get at the end after you leave the VR pod walk to the end of the hall use your Pip-Boy to open the terminal. And you get a Chinese stealth suit. Electric Chinese shock sword that does electric damage. A gauss rifle and for winterized suit of t51b power armor. Which to me when I play fallout 3 and it's DLCs that was my end game armor.

Now we have broken steel this DLC pack takes place after the main game after you activate project purity. And either activate it and put in the modified fev or forced evolutionary virus. Or you could activate project purity without adding the modified fev. Giving clean and pure water to the wasteland. And it turns out the enclave has not been defeated and you need to fight and defeat the enclave.

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And now we have the third DLC pack mothership zeta. And in mothership zeta you get abducted by that zetan aliens. You have to fight through the ship find pre-war people a little girl from 2077. an operation Anchorage soldier. The 13th century Japanese samurai and an old cowboy from the 18th century. and with mothership zeta you get new weapons alien rifle alien pistol to me these two weapons or two of the best weapons in the entire game you can't get the alien rifle in fallout New Vegas you can get an alien pistol but that's with a perk. Called wild wasteland. An Indian you defeat mothership zeta and now you have your own alien spaceship.

And that we have point lookout which to me is one of my least favorite DLCs the first let's start with the negatives and then the positives. The first gripe in this case negative I have about point lookout is its story point lookout story is not interesting it's just the simple one man versus the other who comes out on top trope. A brain in a jar has a bunch of tribals that think he's a god. And then you have a 200 year old ghoul bigot that treat you like garbage and expects you to help him. there are a few good things about fallout 3 point lookout DLC it's the location and the enemies. Point lookout takes place in Maryland I think not entirely sure and either Maryland or Maine. But I'm not sure but now the new enemies. Dylan you enemies that come to point lookout are the hillbillies. There challenging and fun.

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And now the last DLC the PITT and the PITT is the darkest DLC in the game now let's talk about the pitt the pit take place in Pittsburgh. That is why it is called the pitt it is run on the back of slaves. Becoming disease and sick. And there's only two endings to this dlc. Kidnap a baby from her loving parents and give the baby to the slaves or don't kidnap the baby and have the slaves keep working. And least two endings there is no good ending they're both bad ending. Now if you like fallout New Vegas then good for you it's fallout New Vegas a good game yes it's just I played fallout 3 before new Vegas.

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