Fallout 3s Atmosphere – Just a thought about why I think Fallout 3 is the best when it comes to atmosphere/ Environment

Content of the article: "Fallout 3s Atmosphere – Just a thought about why I think Fallout 3 is the best when it comes to atmosphere/ Environment"

( I didn’t add much for environment however I will add here that the environment idea that I enjoyed was Megatons use of the location: water at the bottom caused by the nuclear bomb and the fact mole rats are near by for food).

I’ve posted in this sub before and I’d like to express my love for Fallout 3. Despite it’s writing, I will always have a special place in my heart for the environment: there is nothing more unsettling than that dark atmosphere that grips you into a bleak, nightmare of the wastes. (There are so many things that fascinate me about Fallout 3s atmosphere )

Fallout 3s beginning feels cramped and small in contrast to the wide open emptiness of the wastes; in doing so makes us feel as though we are more intrigued as well as eager, to explore what lays above. This can create a sense of wondering if we are to ever get out of the vault, leaving however we find our selves in a massive, open world, feeling vulnerable leaving the safety of a place we once called home. The green filter enhances the idea of how much radiation never left, even after 200 years it hasn’t disappeared in the capital wastes – which I guess would make sense considering how many robots and factories in such a large capacity could cause to keep radiation going for such a long time (?). With this makes it us feel as though humanity is truly struggling, with slavers stealing children and adults alike, raiders torturing and killing for fun, super mutants eating the flesh off victims and ghouls roaming the darkness of the metro tunnels. While I agree to some extent that yes metro tunnels felt pointless, for example: when you meet the Family, chances are you’ll never go back there after completing the side quest for Arefu, simply because they are in a long and narrow metro tunnel. However, I enjoy the idea of the darkness and the wrecked trains, exploring the impact of the nuclear bombs, not only affecting buildings that have turns to structures of decay above, but also below, where rubble still lays, undisturbed. The sounds of ghouls screeching knowing full well that they were victims, hiding in the tunnels when the bombs fell, not ever knowing if it’s a roamer or or just a feral until you use your pip boy light or VATS. Mutants that are hidden in metro tunnels, simply echoing their horrific laughs. Prams that are scattered sharing stories in the silence.

Exploring the wastes is nothing but a sense of a dread as you never know what is shooting at you, preying up behind you, or if you encounter an enclave fire trooper road block. Raiders shoot without question, laughing knowing they have nothing to lose, fulfilling their spare time with anyone who is in view. Deathclaws, Yao guai and all sorts of mutated creatures stalk you, sometimes with a with growl, sometimes it’s a deadly silence catching you off guard. It’s makes it more weary of your surroundings, being able to take everything in. Even coming across friendly small encounters such as Uncle Leo. Side quests let you experience some of the NPCs fate in random encounters as well, such as Amata being caught by the enclave or blowing up Megaton and meeting Moira again, as a ghoul. For explorers, with 162 locations to explore (excluding vault 87 on the marker), there is something that is always more interesting than the last place you visited.

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A side note as well, I also enjoy the fact that depending on what ever choice you make, the radio host of GNR will talk about you, making you feel included in the games world, as well as making other comments about other NPCs. In my personal opinion, I prefer to keep the radio off as it gives me a more of a fallout feeling of loneliness.

TL;DR: I just really enjoy Fallout 3s atmosphere and environment.

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