Fallout 3’s enclave has much more depth than the Fallout 2 enclave

Content of the article: "Fallout 3’s enclave has much more depth than the Fallout 2 enclave"

I’m tired of the notion that Fallout 3 is purely black and white choices because I believe that the morality that is presented in Fallout 3 is on par and sometimes surpasses all the other games.

The enclave in fallout 2 are presented as the comically evil faction: people who are obsessed with the plan to eradicate all mutants and mutated humans. In fact, I think Fallout 2’s enclave are more concerned with killing ”mutated” humans than they are with actual mutants. That’s pretty much it, you have some funny characters thrown in like Dornan the drill sergeant and Richardson but that’s about as far as the depth goes imo. This isn’t bad however because it fits with the theme that fallout 2 has. It’s easy to laugh at just how blind the enclave in fallout 2 are to what’s going on in the wasteland, which makes sense because they are on the oil rig far from any sort of post war civilization.

Fallout 3 has 2 versions of the enclave, there is Eden’s enclave, and there is Autumns enclave and the way they want to attack the problems in the wasteland are very different. Eden is much closer to the Fallout 2 enclave in that he wants to eradicate all mutated things. The difference is that he is more sympathetic and has more to him than just an evil bad guy. Eden realizes that killing all mutated humans is a sacrifice but he believes that sacrifices must be made for the greater good. Killing all mutants isn’t his main goal however, Eden wants to return order to the wasteland and make it what it once was.

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Autumn’s enclave is very different, Autumn leads most of the enclave soldiers and they listen more to Autumn than to Eden. Autumn has at its core, a good plan. He wants to give pure water to the people of the wasteland so that he can make people trust the enclave to rebuild and to get behind the enclaves motivations. The difference between the BoS and the enclave here though is that Autumn takes what he wants by force often by killing people to negotiate.

It’s also important to note that the BoS aren’t the best saviours of the wasteland, In fact quite the opposite. The BoS, while it has good intentions, ultimately aren’t doing anything for the long term goals of the Capital Wasteland. Both Elder Lyons and Eden acknowledge the fact that they can’t just keep stemming the tide of the mutated threats. Lyons realizes that he is running out of troops and supplies. There’s also the fact that they seemingly haven’t made much progress in the 20 years that they have been there.

To me it’s honestly not clear what the good option is here. Do you get behind the Brotherhoods goals of liberating DC to help the people survive in the present even if there is no long term plan? Or do you see what the Enclave is trying to accomplish by deciding that the long term stability is more important than the sacrifices involved. Unfortunately, you can’t join the enclave’s ranks in Fallout 3… If you could, I’m sure that many people would do so. It really confuses me when people say that Fallout 3’s enclave is just fallout 2’s but without the depth because I think that the changes made to both the Enclave and the Brotherhood make the game much more interesting and less black and white than fallout 2.

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