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I believe that it's a good to focus on positives every once in a while, helps paint a clearer picture of reality. Now I'm not saying to ignore the flaws of 4, just to remember that there are positives to it.

The scraping and settlement building very much add to the wasteland feel, scouting around for anything that can help you and your settlers. The knowledge that you have to be aware of what resources you can scrap from random junk in the wasteland in order to build better guns and lives for your citizens is very interesting gameplay to me. Letting go of a legendary weapon you looted so you can hold more wonderglue is such an absurd concept that reminds me of the absurd world I thawed into. Considering dropping mines that can help me immediately to fit fuses that can me buff my gatling laser later is a genuinely interesting choice.

Speaking of settlements, they rock. slowly building a small shithole with a single workbench into a massive shithole with every type of workbench and way too many useless shops that you just sell bullets to and buy materials to make drugs out of you stupid greedy junkie. What was I talking about again, oh yeah base building. It's fun to see towns grow up and be filled with NPCs all doing their things.

Far harbor, very fun. Bethesda learned from the criticism of boring dialogue and meaningless choices and made this very plot heavy DLC. No spoilers but you can make bad guy choices and npcs react accordingly.

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Guns are fun, yeah yeah I know "fallout shouldn't be a shooter" but eh, this is an fps let the guns be fun. Which they are, slowly building up a build and tinkering with your guns to make them well oiled machine. Damn I think gun tinkering is actually pretty fun too, I love it when games let you edit guns for more then just "bigger mag" "more damage". payday 2 has amazing weapon modding, deep mods really makes you feel like you made you own gun, and with the legendary effects too, you really can have a gun no one else gots. I wish I got actually cool legendaries every now and then, not just ghoul slayer switchblades

Uh I forgot why I thought it necessary to write this, but middle school literature told me to always end something like this with a summary so uh, this game isnt the antichrist and remember to brush your teeth. Marry cristmas

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