Fallout 4 doesnt seem dark enough.

it feels like people just moved into a ruined city, and that nothings really changed but now people shoot at each other. Sure its darker than the world rn, but its no different than a war-torn town, with nations actually shooting at each other, there just militas not people.

Is their a mod that can fix that? cut the people in half, make everyone even more hostile in the population centers, have fresh corpses of children and mothers in robbed houses, while a weeping father cries outside then kills himself?

maybe add more ruined buildings, overgrowth, deselation, large swaths of land with no life in it, towns that look like they were active, now just… no one. it should feel creepy as i walk through the wasteland, towns with no one, fresh bodies with no killer, long walking times (not actually long) with no humans or conflict in sight, just wind and clouds, no life, nothing, all dead. theirs vaults, and people should cling to them, actions should be done that to us, are questionable at best, but just survival in reality. using children as shields, bursting into a house because your starving and are getting food at all costs, even working with raiders, cause they'll give you a small portion of the spoils in return. Fallout 3 landed the kinda creepy atmosphere well, i remember several areas i walked into i was constantly on edge despite nothing occuring, no one was there, and thats why i was so creeped out.

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sorry i went kinda off the rails, i was inspired by TNO from HOI4 when i invaded the nazis in WW3 and they launched all the nukes and then this is the result https://imgur.com/a/rKXZFsV. Made me wanna play fallout, but Fallout 3 doesnt let me build a home, Fallout NV is god like but not what im looking for, and Fallout 4 feels like im walking in a kids show version of fallout, with a dumbed down story too.

(another thing is i want ammunition to be really rare too, guns as well, its the post apocalypse who the fuck is making so many pipe guns it puts the current US to shame?!)


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