Fallout 4 fan ending slides (first part cuz i dont got time)

Content of the article: "Fallout 4 fan ending slides (first part cuz i dont got time)"

Ron Perlman: "And so ends the story of the Sole Survivor, the man/woman who had started his/her journey across the Commonwealth, made peace with his old. The Commonwealth proved to be a brutal place, filled with violence, trickery, and death. But the Sole Survivor pulled through, destroying everything Shaun, his/her son and his predecessors had built.

Preston Garvey: After the heroic rescue, the Sole Survivor gave Preston Garvey and his group of refugees hope. Eventually, Preston accepted the role of acting president, promising the first ever elections for a new General and President of the Commonwealth Minutemen. The Commonwealth prospered, and the Sole Survivor, content with his work, retired north in Far Harbor.

Elder Maxson: The Brotherhood of Steel reigned supreme over the Institute. But with the Sole Survivor hesitant to hand over the Commonwealth to the Brotherhood, Maxson reluctantly retreated back to the Commonwealth, leaving a few Paladins, Knights and Scribes. These remnants eventually formed the Commonwealth chapter, and with the guidance of a Paladin Danse, the chapter returned to its roots, remembering the struggles faced by the Lyons family.

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Desdemona: The Railroad disappeared into the wastes after the devastating betrayal by the Sole Survivor, never to be see again. Old North Church now stands the tomb of the Railroad, occasionally visited by scavengers and those who still seeked help.

Mayor McDonough: Diamond City enthusiastically invited the Minutemen into the narrow paths of the old stadium. With the mayor dead, the city council remained the head of the city, until Piper Wright ran for the elections, and against all odds, became the mayor of Diamond City. While most of the people cheered, some bigots grumbled in the shadows of the Stands.

Nick Valentine: After finally completing the puzzle that was his past, Valentine continued his detective job, along with the Sole Survivor. Eventually, Nick followed the Sole Survivor's footsteps, giving Ellie, his assistant the job, and lived the rest of his life as the new caretaker of Acadia.

Piper Wright: After travelling with the Sole Survivor across the Commonwealth, Piper decided to settle down in Diamond City, and eventually got elected as mayor. The new Mayor Wright finally lifted the Ghoul Ban. She also gave Nat, her little sister, the childhood she deserved, and when she had all grown up, she continued her sister's job of reporter.

Codsworth: Codsworth followed his master to Far Harbor, where they got a home in the town. He continued serving his master, making the house one of the cleanest places outside of a vault. Although he is content with this life, he often remembers the times he made with Shaun and sir/mum.

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Cait: Cait settled in Sanctuary after the Sole Survivor's departure from the Commonwealth. She remains as a guard of the town, until a coordinated attack on the town by the Gunners made her have her own adventure, to GNR.

Hancock: Hancock returned to Goodneighbor, content with the disposal of his brother. After a century, he disappeared into the wastes, leaving a prosperous Goodneighbor, standing true to Hancock's principle of Liberty, Equality and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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