Fallout 4 I can’t decide which faction I want to join! Help?

Content of the article: "Fallout 4 I can’t decide which faction I want to join! Help?"

I know, I know. This post probably is like spam at this point on this sub. But it's a moral quandary I'm in. Every faction has some inherent "good side" to them but also a weakness.

The Brotherhood of Steel: They are ordered and possess the ability to protect plenty of citizens of the Commonwealth simply because of their power armor and weaponry. They do seem like they could help the most people, but they're very radical. I mean, Maxson sees Synths as abominations, super mutants as abominations (I don't disagree with him there) and basically wants a pure and safe Commonwealth. Not a bad idea, right? Well it would be if they didn't also hate the Railroad for some reason. It's not like The Railroad are producing Synths. They simply want to protect the ones that want to be free. But that isn't allowed in Maxson's Commonwealth, and many other BOS members share that sentiment.

The Railroad: While I think any free Synth has the right to live if they so choose, the Railroad as an organization are a bit too shortsighted in my opinion. Their only mission is to protect and save Synths. That's it. Not help the people of the Commonwealth or build a better world, just save Synths. Again, very shortsighted in my opinion.

The Minutemen: They seem to be the most moral faction thus far, wanting to help settlers and make the Commonwealth a better place. But they are extremely underarmed and stretched very thin. Sure, they could make more bases around the Commonwealth, but who's going to man them? Who's supplying the ammo and food to keep the men and women stocked? They don't seem to be able to answer this question yet.

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The Institute: This one really isn't even a choice. I mean sure, they have the technology and capability to help many many people, but they just won't. They'd rather just preserve their way of life and let the problems of the Commonwealth sort itself out while they continue their work. Sure, that could all change with you as the director. But do you really think everyone's going to be onboard with you? Also, child kidnappings and what they did to Virgil. To say that's cruel is an understatement.

This is just my take on all these groups.

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