Fallout 4 is good, but Fallout 4 modded is the best game ever.

When i first completed Vanilla F4 i thought it was great, one of my favorite games by far. But then i decided to replay it full of mods and boy oh boy.

It is incredible how mods can change the feel of the game and how much you can make it fun for yourself, it has infinite possibilities, from making it a Hardcore Survival game, to a complete horror experience, a tactical modern shooter or even a full zombie game.

And the graphics/weather/texture mods, they are truly a wonder, completing F4 on a map full of snow felt amazing.

And the small quirky dumb mods like the laser guns sound replacer that makes every gun sound like pew or the thomas the train classic mod just make me want to play more and more.

And as a OG Xbox One player, i truly appreciate all the performance patches and fps fixes, specially around Diamond city because Vanilla just straight goes 15-20 fps when just walking around the city, and with all the patches and stuff it goes up to solid 30 fps (which is fine to me) and 40-50 fps anywhere else (with fps unlocker)

And i can’t even imagine how good mods gotta be on PC, i just hope one day i can build myself a great PC to fill Fallout 4 with +200 mods and spend the rest of my free time playing haha.

Edit: Jesus Christ 22 hours later i checked reddit and i just realized this blew up, thanks for the comments and opinions everyone!

I’ve seen people asking for what mods im using so here’s the list: (Also this is the loading order that’s working for me)

-True Storms:Wasteland Edition (amazing weather mod that makes the weather feel reslistic)

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-Start me up (skip all the main 15 minute intro) -vivid fallout-all in one (Better textures that require less v-ram than vanilla textures, making the game smoother and prettier)

-Another Green Desaturated mod (More vegetation, combine this one with Healthier commonwealth and it’ll look great)

-Fps Unlock (it works, i usually get around 40-50 fps on non city areas, but on the downside, it produces some screen tearing, it is not very noticeable but can get annoying if you pay a lot of attention, it doesn’t really bother me)

-Plenty ‘o’ explorarion (more areas on empty places on vanilla f4, combine it with crowded commonwealth)

-Vendor Vans XB1 (as the title says)

-The Tower (Xboxone) (just a small minigame map into the F4 map)

-Minuteman Watchtowers (similar to the watchtowers on F76.

-scrap all the things (as the title says, super useful to clean settlements)

-Increase Headshot damage (i hate headshot damage in vanilla srry)

-Commonwealth warfare (realistic sound replacer for weapons, truly a wonder)

-nicks vendor caps (Makes vendors have more caps)

-Ugh. Death (simple mod that makes the animation of a dead body dropping realistic)

-Zombie walkers (XB1) (One of the best mods for zombie apocalypse simulation, fully customizable zombies, infections and zombie spawns, highly recommended for Zombie walkthroughs)

-3rd person pistol animation (just a mod i liked)

-PEW lasers (XB1) (Dumb mod that replaces laser gun sounds by a “pew” sound, not recommended if you’re into a serious atmosphere)

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-Project Reality footsteps F04 (realistic footsteps)

-Hollywood bullet traces (as the title says)

-Visible galaxy 4K (must have)

-Water enhancement textures (better splashes and effects)

-Country roads radio (do i even have to explain)

-Darker Nights for truestorms (there’s 6 levels so chose the one you like, i prefer darker combined with -Pip-Boy flashlight- which makes night exploration terrifying)

-TLS fallout 4 subtle FPS improvement (just small water and grass changes that make the game run smoother)

-Everyone’s best friend (lets you have a companion AND dogmeat at the same time)

-riley dogmeat replacer (replaces dogmeat model for Riley from cod ghosts model)

-Better settlers (adds 160 new settlers to the vanilla settler section with lore friendly changes to their equipment, stats and appearance)

-Windows XP shutdown death sound (lol)

-Halo Main Menu Replacer (Plays Halo 1 theme on the F4 menu.

-FOV 90 (as the title says)

-Improved map with visible roads (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, not recommended)

-See trough scopes (i hate FO4 scopes so this is a great addition.

-Skillzerk weapons pack (adds over 100 new weapons to loot lists, vendors and nps etc NOTICE: This mod uses the same vanilla models but changes they’re behavior, without deleting the original weapon, for example, the starting pistol is the MAC-10 and is fully automatic, it does the same thing with over 100 new weapons)

-Hyper merge 1, 2, 3, and 4, completely new weapon models with their own sounds and endless modifications, i find them one of the best weapon mods because they’re very light compared to other weapon mods that are over 500 mgbs while the entire hyper merge collection is 400 mgbs, the guns can be crafted and found randomly of found by a quest.

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-Desert eagle (XB1 version)

-XB1 ENGLISH full dialogue interface (if you hate the simplified “sarcastic” “good guy bad guy” answer, then this one is for you, it displays the full line you’re going to say, which is great.

So that’s it, i still have 147 mgbs left. The game runs incredibly good for an XB1, even at crowded areas.

I know it is not the craziest mod list but i made it fun for myself, a scary yet goofy zombie apocalypse with better graphics and the main FO4 Story.

Also recommended: Sim Settlements, I’m not using it rn because i don’t feel like i need it for this run.


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