Fallout 4 is the Best Fallout in the whole Multiverse

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Out of all the Fallout games, Fallout 4 is the only good one. The original Fallouts didn’t know how bad they were until our savior, Todd Howard, released Fallout 4 for us to savior. Fallout 3 was okay. Fallout New Vegas does not even come close to being on Fallout 4s level.

  1. The Intro: We never have been able to live in the Fallout universe pre-bombs until Fallout 4. It’s such a great feature to have, you get to meet Mr. Vault-tec himself, get to watch the news, get to become so emotional attached to your son, Shaun, to the point if something bad where to happen, you would spend your whole entire life looking for him and the person who harmed him. I am always a fan of Bethesda. I especially love their long, unskipable intros just like the one found in this game. Too bad they didn’t make it longer. Then we get into the vault.

  2. Vault 111: After you get into the vault after almost dying, you are treated to vault 111. You are told to go into a decontamination pod so you can go further down into the vault. Upon getting into the pod, it some how malfunctions and instead of decontaminating you, it accidentally freezes you and everyone else. After some time your son, who I remind you that you care so much for you should go to the end of the earth if something where to happen to him, gets kidnapped by some scary looking guy with a scar across his eye. You break out of your pod sometime after that. Your voice protagonist spews our some dialogue about why would “Vault-Tec do this?!?” You finally arrive at the vault door, find a conveniently placed Pip-Boy, put it on, and hit the door open button.

Sirens go off, music plays, and you think to yourself, “I’m so excited to see how society rebuilt it’s self!” The door doesn’t open, you are standing there, and you realized, you accidentally had some Creation Club content loaded and it’s bugged thus you can’t get out of the Vault. No worry’s right? Right. Bugs are what makes Bethesda games great, I was LOL’ing so hard at this. Like “oh, classic Bethesda! You got me there.” You have to restart the whole game without the creation club content installed and get to relive the intro once more!

You finally emerge from the vault, and see that 200 years after the bombs dropped, society did very little to rebuild its self. WHICH IS GREAT!!!! I get to explore an apocalyptic world without having to worry about having NPCs with backstories and lore to them!

  1. The Story: The main plot of this story is, your son who again, you have such a deep, emotional bond with, had been kidnapped. This premise is much better than what the old studios did with fallout, like what, find a water chip? Boring. Get a GECK? More like gecko. Deliver a boring Chip to some loser? Yikes. Fallout 3 had a pretty good story though. You go back to your old home to find Codsworth, your old robot, still tending the garden. Relieved, you ask him to help find Shaun. After looking through your old neighborhood and fighting some very scary monsters, you come to the conclusion he isn’t here. He directs you to some town down the street to talk to the people there.

You arrive at Concord to find it has been taken over by raiders and some guy is trapped up in the building. Essential characters are essential here thus you can’t kill the supposed good guys because that would be to hard to write around and quite frankly, be bad for us gamers. After fighting off some raiders, you are handed Power Armor and a Minigun. Great! I was almost getting bored of not having some of the best items from day one! You meet some druggy grandma and she KNOWs that your son is missing! You can respond in 4 ways! Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Great! I didn’t want to potentially click the wrong option and not be able to find my son! She tells us to go to diamond city for answers.

  1. Diamond City Upon arriving to diamond city, you realize the gate is closed shut. It’s been closed shut for the whole entire duration of you not being there. There is some crazy lady who wants in. Her name is Piper. Upon approaching her, she ask you if “you want into diamond city.” You have four options here. Yes, Yes, Yeah, or No, but Yes. Upon choosing any of these options, you get the same outcome. Getting into diamond city. Conveniently, Piper is a reporter and she can help you with your missing son. She sends you to the local detective.

Side note, Diamond city was once Boston’s Baseball stadium. 200 years after bombs were dropped, instead of trying to rebuild the whole city, people decided to live in shanties on a baseball field.

Upon arriving at the Detective agency, you find the detective has gone missing. So you do some detective work yourself to find this “Nick Valentine.” You go to a vault, Fast forwards, Nick is saved and he is not a human, but an Android. You tell him your beloved son is missing and he tells you there was a man with a child. You describe you saw a man with a scar and Nick gasp. “No, it can’t be.” Kellogg’s. Frosted. Flakes. He is the one who stole your child… but your child is a little grown up now.

  1. Finding Kellogg You hear about this Institute, some place that makes fake people, and no one likes the fake people so they want to kill them all. You track him down by using a dog that sniffs a cigar to find him, kill him, and guess what? Your son isn’t there. You find out Kellogg is apart of the institute and decide to get into the institute. You track down an ex-institute scientist and he lives in the Glowing Sea. The place where the bombs hit. You sneak into his cave and discover he is a Super mutant. He is the only intelligent super mutant in the whole entire series because he wasn’t fully mutated or something like that. See, when Bethesda writes their mutants, they have to be big dumb dumbs because having a complex background to all the super mutants where some were smart, some were purple, and some were dumb, would be too interesting and hard to understand for the children that play this game. So Virgil tells you how to get into the institute. You get all the materials and ask the only mechanic in the wasteland to build a teleported for you. You get into the institute.

  2. The Institute After hearing all these horrible things about the institute, some voice tells you that you may have heard horrible things about them, but get this, they aren’t horrible. You are so mad that you want to find your son. You finally find him and he is in a prison cell. You yell at him and say it’s you. He doesn’t recognize you. Some old man walks in, shuts Shaun down, and out of anger you shoot and kill this old man. Quest failed. You reload to an earlier save to hear what this man has to say. His name is father and he says “No, I am your son” he states that the death of your wife was just collateral damage.

This is probably some of the best story writing ever. Like how would we have known that our Son was the leader of the biggest and baddest organization yet?!?! It’s just soooo good. After some of this stuff you can decide to do four things.

  1. The story Ending You have four options here. You either A) Blow up the Institute, B) Blow up the Institute, C) Blow up the Institute, or D) Don’t blow up the Institute. A lot of decisions I know. So depending on what options you do, either everyone will be happy, or everyone will be mad at you. You decide. After this, you get the iconic Fallout ending. Not the ending where a narrator reads out all the things you caused and how it effected others, but just a generic outro that is easy to digest. Unlike those other fallout games. Also War, war never changes. But men do.

The enemy Factions Unlike other Fallout games, where most factions are not hostile off the bat and have unique names like powder gangers or fiends, we get raiders and gunners. Raiders raid everything, you can’t befriend them (without DLC), and just over all terrorize the wasteland. Gunners are mercenaries that other people can hire but your character can’t. So basically, as your character puts it, gunners are just raiders with better equipment. Well said.

Basically, this game gives us easy to digest enemies where we won’t feel bad for killing because they are the obvious bad guys. They don’t have special names, nor do they have much backstories, just bad guys we get to shoot. Unlike games like New Vegas where you can join the bad guys and they give you like quests. No, that would be too difficult to comprehend. I like my bad guys to be the twisty mustache villain type who will attack me on site for no other reason than, they are the bad guy.

The good factions The minute men are ours to rebuild. They supply unlimited quest for use to enjoy. So do the Brotherhood of Steel and the Railroad. They are all the same quest, go here, kill or collect something, come back, reward. Simple. And I like it because it will never end thus I can play forever, unlike the other Fallouts.

The Brotherhood of Steel Instead of writing a new faction for us, Bethesda gave us what we already know and love. The brotherhood of steel. They are like everywhere, and I love it. Can’t get enough of it, it’s familiar and I’m glad Bethesda didn’t write new factions that we wouldn’t recognize from the older games. Old is familiar and I don’t want to be challenged with new radical ideas. They also give out unlimited quest, hooray! Time to be brain dead and do the same thing over and over again!

Super Mutants Oh boy, super mutants are here again, this time they don’t have as complex of a backstory like the west coast mutants, they were just created by the Institute. Also since they are mutants, they are supposed to be Dumb and hostile. Imagine playing a game and realizing that there can be smart and friendly mutants. Impossible. I’m glad bethesda gives us what is familiar and again doesn’t challenge us fans mentally.

Mutated Creatures We get the same old creatures we know and love. All the creature that are specific to like desert climates etc. Like radscorpions? How would these animals get to be on the east coast!?!? That’s just whacky. Ohhhh so you are telling me that scorpions where like societies most beloved pet and when the bombs dropped, pet stores had so many scorpions to the point they mutated later on to be all across America? Thank you bethesda, me being a mindless fan will not think of how stupid this is and will blindly defend you because again, you have us fans suckling at your teats and we will defend against anyone who challenges us!!! Also the same old creatures are back like Deathclaws, they are classic fallout, let’s keep them in the game and not give us something new. I’m so glad I get the same thing over and over again!

200 Years The East coast hasn’t decided to re-civilize yet, instead they insist that the East coast should look like the bombs dropped like 10 years ago… or even less. There’s a lot of unrusted metal, people haven’t rebuilt society yet, people are all dirty, very little plumbing and electricity, like the NCR is boring. I don’t want a game where there are interesting civilizations. I don’t want to see how society rebuilt it’s self after the bombs, I want to run around and shoot things!!!!

NPC interaction Thank god there is very little to do while wandering the waste. I have to rebuild everything because no one else could have after 200 years. When I do find NPCs, they are usually all generic which is good because I don’t want to have meaningful dialogue in a game.

Atom Cats These people are the coolest cats in the waste. I want to join them but I hope there isn’t a long quest I have to do to gain their trust, right? Wait, all I have to do is go to some waste yard, fix a pump, come back and kill some bad guys? Great! I’m glad I don’t have to get invested in some well devolved quest!

Player Choice What, this isn’t supposed to be an RBG, it’s an action game!

The Lore While it may not seem like there is a lot of lore, there is. They don’t take the show don’t tell approach, they tell you, but you have to go out of your way to find the lore. All the lore is packed away in terminals WHICH IS GREAT! When I go to play fallout, I want to sit back, relax, and read every terminal in the game because this is what is fun for us players. Reading terminals. Not experiencing anything, just reading. But sometimes I don’t want to play the game. Well, we are in luck. YouTube exist!!!

When I want to learn more about the lore, I’ll head to YouTube! I find my favorite YouTuber for fallout games, find the fallout 4 videos, and get talked down to in a very condescending way, get treated like a dumb child, and have everything over explained to me in a 30+ minute video!!! Thanks Oxhorn!

So basically, there is a lot of lore which makes this game better than the other ones.

Base building Minecraft is a good game, Fallout is a good game, add the two, best game ever. Base building doesn’t matter at all, it is more of an inconvenience to peruse in base building but it all pays off at the end. To have to defend all my settlements because my settlers are useless just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Also I’m soo glad that the settlers have no significant dialogue and I’m also glad that I built an entire base for them and they treat me like a stranger! Fun!

Fan base Best fans ever. We all defend Bethesda and worship their stupid lore that doesn’t make sense sometimes. All criticism is bad.

DLCs All of them are super good. Especially Far Harbor. As one put it, Far Harbor is consider the best DLC in all of the games.

Voiced Protagonist What, this isn’t supposed to be an RBG, it’s an action game!

Skyrim with guns Good thing the leveling up system isn’t too punishing and it doesn’t take strategic planning that would inconvenience the player later on. We have the Skyrim leveling-up system almost.

Simplicity Good things weapons and armor doesn’t break just from using it. This was such a stupid feature in New Vegas and was too difficult to understand.

Retro-Futurism Fallout is supposed to be post apocalyptic 1950s with robots and the Inkspots playing in the background. It’s not supposed to be like what people in the 1950s would think the future is. NO! It’s the 1950s with some cool sci-fi elements. Bethesda knows what this IP is.

Funny Dark Humor Fallout 1 was too dark. Bethesda is funny. That swatters guy is the funniest person in the game. Good thing we have this light hearted, non challenging, family friendly humor that we can all enjoy, you know what, why isn’t this game rated E for everyone, it’s not as dark as the old games! It’s basically a children’s game at this point. No scary men dressed in football uniforms here to crucify us. No scary shadow government here kill everyone of us, it’s fun for the whole family!!!

Conclusion Fallout 4 is not a good game. IT IS A GREAT GAME!!!! There are more things I haven’t covered yet, will I? Maybe. Mass upvote because Fallout 4 is better than any other game in the series. Todd Howard, have my babies. Bethesda is my favorite corporation and I need to defend them. Echo chambers! All the other games were too dark, had too many characters that you could accidentally kill, and was just overall, too challenging.

TL;DR Many people don’t give credit where credit is due, and Fallout 4 may just indeed be the best Fallout Game. With its story, superior gun play, whacky NPC’s and dialogue, that twist at the end, sprint, superior graphics and over all, just a very enjoyable game!

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