Fallout 4 keeps freezing and other annoyances for me, I’m on ps4, can anyone help?

Content of the article: "Fallout 4 keeps freezing and other annoyances for me, I’m on ps4, can anyone help?"

I've been playing through the series again for a little while, I've gotten up to Fallout 4 and it's going pretty smoothly so far for a bethesda game on a playstation.

Buuuuut I finished the main story then I started going through Far Harbor and it started doing these weird ass glitches or bugs where it would freeze in between lines during conversations. Like I'd press a dialogue option, then it would freeze for a bit then the npc would talk and then there'd be like a full minute where the camera would just switch to Sole Survivor and he would nothing but stare into DiMAS' soulful eyes then it would give me the options then do the same and this would continue throughout the entire conversation until it was over. It didn't happen all the time but enough where it was getting irritating.

There would also be a few bugs where no sound would play for a couple seconds then all of it would play at the same time and a few freezing things and it's crashed once. I thought this was just because Far Harbor was broken and it'd be fine when I get back to the commonwealth… but apparently not, it's still a problem after far harbor, it happens even more often now.

I've gotten pretty far into the game, I'm around level 53 if that puts into perspective, I played through Automatron and have yet to play Nuka-World. I assumed it was some sort of bug issue because I've been playing the game for so long because I know that was a thing with oblivion if I'm not wrong but… I know Bethesda aren't great when it comes to putting a game together but surely they'd be able to fix issues after 10+ years right?!

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Anyway, I don't have any mods installed because I'm kinda on a trophy hunt. Would the Unofficial FO4 patch fix this? Should I reinstall my game? anyone got any ideas? I get annoyed way too easily and I find this all really fucking annoying. I hope I explained this all well, If you can help me fix I will love you forever!

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