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  1. The Story- Fallout 4 has one of the greatest stories in all of gaming. You take control of the Sole Survivor who leaves Vault 111 on the hunt for their son (And yes I know that it's just the reversal of Fallout 3's story). But in the process you get wrapped up in what is essentially a civil war for control of the Commonwealth. You have Brotherhood who are morally gray and want the eradication of the synths. The Railroad who are morally gray and want to free the synths. The Minutemen who are arguably good and just want to help anyone and everyone (Even though Preston is an asshole). And then you have the Institute who are evil (And if you say they aren't then you are blind. The Institute is a group of xenophobic scientists who use their synths to abduct, kill, and then replace the innocent civilians of the Commonwealth. The Institute is FUCKING EVIL). Now, my problem with NV's story is, yeah Benny shot me in the head, and yeah I need some fucking revenge. But after I kill him, why should I side with the NCR, Mr House, Yes Man, or the Legion? It doesn't give you any reason as to why the Courier should have that motivation. While in Fallout 4, the Sole Survivor discovers that Shaun is leading the Institute, giving you a reason to side with them. The reasons to side with the Brotherhood, Minutemen and Railroad all reside in the stories you hear about the crimes the Institute has committed. They have effectively become terrorists to the Commonwealth. And your companions tell you how they feel about each faction which can sway you a certain way.

  2. The Gameplay- I love RPG's in which I can immerse myself for days and Fallout 4 is one of those games. It's shooting mechanics is some of the best in RPG FPS's. The settlement system was an ok addition. The map was larger, and had a lot more to do and explore. And showed how truly corrupt Vault-Tec was. The legendary weapon system and weapon/armor mods were great. I loved the companions and their quests. And I personally loved Fallout 4's perk system. (Now I will admit that NV had superior ammunition styles, karma, dialogue system, and side quests)

  3. The Sole Survivor- I know that this is a VERY sensitive topic in the Fallout Fandom. But I loved and I mean LOVED that Bethesda gave your character a voice. I love NV, but my biggest problem with it is that I wasn't able to build an emotional attachment to any character. When I play NV I look at it from a this, I think of it as a fun job. I'm given a quest I go out, have fun shooting while I do it and come back for my reward. Why should I feel for the Courier? In that game you can be a psychopath who has detached himself/herself from society. While yes, you can do that in Fallout 4 but your character is still tethered to the emotional connection with their son. It makes the Sole Survivor more grounded in reality. And it reflects so well in the voice acting. Right before you blow up the Institute, Shaun feels betrayed by his parent and it is such a great scene because of the VAs. It alsoadded a layer of depth that Fallout 3's story didn't. (Not to mention that the female Sole Survivor's voice is done by the same person who voices Jack in Mass Effect)

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But what do you guys think? Love it? Hate it? Did I sway your opinion on any of the topics?

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