Fallout 4, realizing Nora as a very playable character.

Content of the article: "Fallout 4, realizing Nora as a very playable character."

Fellow redditors, I've finally made it!

As many of you may agree, F4 is very compatible with a male/ex-military protagonist who is either a Minutemen or a BOS member. And lots of you, including me, struggled with a woman character exactly because of her "post-apocalyptically useless" lawyer career. I mean, without doubt lawyers can be tough girls and guys, especially if they are 1s/2nd amendment enthusiasts or are coming from a law enforcement careers or having a certain hobbies. Of course, husband soldier can teach his wife a lot of survival skills, especially if their country is in a deep crisis. And as a last but not least resort JAGs are real people and they all undergo BCT/IET training programs in a boot camp.

Still, that tiny bit of education lore was bringing more harm than good. But literally today I finally saw a huge missing piece of a puzzle, which makes Nora's Juris Doctor degree a solid and essential vehicle for a three different characters, who is capable of fitting a post-apocalyptic environment.

I must admit that a specifics of getting a JD degree in USA was unknown to me (I'm not an american). Thus I assumed too much. But it turns out that american system of teaching lawyers is very peculiar in a good sense of a word — and a fields of study where student are coming from are very diverse. Thus having a JD degree means not just attorneys at law or criminal defense lawyers, but much-much varied careers:

1) Nora may be a fresh-baked patent attorney (not a patent agent, tho). That way she is either a good mechanic/engineer/scientist who made a somehow diagonal career move — or a self-taught inventor trying to protect her designs. Yes. This is exactly that character who can build a turret out of tin cans or turn ol' Codsworth into an armored vessel of death and destruction.

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2) Nora may be a FBI applicant. One of their five Special Agent entry programs is Law and it specifically mentions a JD degree. Also, it is not unheard even now in 2020 about police officers or detectives aquiring JD degree on top of their law enforcement degrees as a career option or a retirement cushion. 57 years may raise a bar, making a law degree essentially a "career/no career" switch for these people. This is a character who won't be intimidated by a crazy punks with a pipe guns.

3) Nora may be an enterpreneur and/or local politician. She never got MBA because family's business and her JD degree is a more of a taxation move. This is a character who is capable of building a profitable enterprise and a personal safety even in a post-apocalyptic Boston. She understands how people think, what do they really need, how to deal with them, which leverages are better and what methods are worse. This includes employing ex-Gunner or ex-Raider or, well, you know, that annoying guy in a funny hat.

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