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Happy new year everyone. It's the chance for a fresh start (something we could all use right now) and awesome Reddit content from yours truly and more importantly all of you! As some of you may have caught before the Christmas break, I have a new schedule. Mondays are now for Fan Fiction, Wednesdays are now for Skinwalker Stories and Fridays will be for original stories over on r/TheHorrorShow. All horror themed of course.

With that in mind, let's kick off the new year with a bit of Fallout 4! Some time ago, I released the prologue to a new Fallout story (which will be available to read below). Today I release Part One of the new series which will continue for the next few weeks (link below). Following the end of the game, see how Nate (the sole survivor) overcomes his PTSD to build a new nation out of the ruins of Old World Boston. Along the way he encounters new friends and old enemies, with twists and turns around every corner.

I hope you enjoy it, give an upvote and leave a comment if you do, and give me your best criticism if you didn't.


It was finally over. The institute had been destroyed and the minutemen were victorious. The Commonwealth could now sleep easy at night now that people no longer had to worry about synths replacing them or their loved ones. “I can’t believe we actually did it,” Preston Garvey stated in disbelief, “The Institute has been the bogeymen for so long I never thought I’d see the day where we can be free from them.” Nate didn’t say anything. He simply looked back on the dissipating nuclear smoke, the second time he witnessed such destructive power. War never changes, he thought to himself. These words haunted him. Words that had carried over from the old world to the new. War never changes.

Nate had returned to Sanctuary for the first time in six months. Since helping Sturges build the teleporter that allowed him to get into the Institute, Nate had avoided Sanctuary at every opportunity. He didn’t want to be reminded of the family he lost. But this time he had no choice but to pass through the settlement. Nate had something very important to do. “Sanctuary has really thrived since your last visit, hasn’t it,” Preston Garvey mentioned out loud. “I suppose so,” Nate responded dryly. The pre-war houses had all been scrapped and in their place were new wooden houses. Instead of being spread out, the homes and shops that made up Sanctuary now sat at the old round-a-bout. The old road had been fully repaired and rebuilt and led from the fully re-built bridge up to the walled town, snaking through the farms and past the occasional home. Few remainders remained from the old world, not that it bothered anyone who lived there. “We should rest at the Minuteman HQ for the night,” Preston advised. “Go ahead. I’ll catch up,” Nate told him.

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The only surviving pre-war house that remained at Sanctuary belonged to Nate. Once upon a time, it symbolized the fresh start in the life Nate was meant to have with Nora and Shaun. Instead the dream became a nightmare made real. He entered the decrepit old building and imagined the life he should have had. Nate made his way to Shaun’s old bedroom and broke down, his life and dreams finally catching up with him.

Every major settlement had a Minuteman HQ. Each one had a barracks, an armory and a radio beacon. Along with being a rest stop for the Minuteman patrols, the HQ was staffed by at least two volunteers who would take in requests for help from people and pass them onto the Minutemen. Sanctuary was no different considering the recent expansion of the settlement. Preston walked into the HQ and went straight for the barracks on the upper floor, followed by two other minutemen. “Why we going to this vault again,” one of the minutemen asked. “The general has something personal he needs to do,” Preston answered. “I always thought he worked alone,” the other stated. “Normally he does. But this is something he needs help with.” “Oh come on Preston, just tell us what the mission is.” “Sorry, but he’s asked me not to say anything until he does. Well all know more tomorrow.” The three minutemen began preparing for the heavy task they would have to complete the next morning.

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Nate barely said a word as he led the minutemen up to Vault 111. Neither did they say anything to him, already having sensed the misery surrounding both the man and his intentions. It didn’t take long to reach the Vault entrance. In fact it took less than five minutes. “You two stay here and keep watch,” Preston ordered. “Aye sir. I’ll get the door,” one of them said. Preston and Nate stood on the Vault elevator and waited to descend.

The walk through Vault 111 was like reliving the nightmare all over again. The skeletons on the floor, next to them the remains of the radroaches Nate had been forced to kill during his escape, the cryo-pods that contained the still frozen corpses of his former neighbors and finally the perfectly preserved body of his wife. She had been refrozen as Nate escaped the Vault after waking, preserving her every feature just as he remembered. “General… I’m sorry.” Nate did all he could trying not to break down right there. He’d seen death all too much. Both soldiers before the war and too many innocent people after it. But he’d learnt to tune all that out, lie to himself by saying there was nothing he could’ve done even as leader of the Minutemen. But now he looked his wife in her eyes as she reminded him of the harsh truth: he hadn’t done enough. Nora, Shaun and god knows how many others all dead because of him, one way or another. “Nate? Do you… need a minute?” “No,” came the tearful response, “Let’s get her out of here. She’s been here long enough.” The words still rang in his ears, threatening to destroy what little he had left: War Never Changes.

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