Fallout 4 theory : The SS is a Gen 4 synth

Some spoilers ahead, obviously. Okay so I don't think that the writers were intending this but it closes some institute plot holes for me. So bear with me as I don't have a lot of evidence, but this just makes the story make more sense to me.

First of all, in the institute on a terminal there is a description of the VATS system being part of a new combat ability in synths that is being experimented with. For those of you who say that VATS comes from the pip boy, in FO4 you can use VATS the moment you are unfrozen, before you get the pip boy.

Now the plot holes this closes up for me are mainly the poor writing, inconsistent character, and absolutely stupid schemes that father comes up with. If he loves the SS and wants him to find the institute, why let him stumble into the wasteland and let him risk his/her life while allying with the institute's enemies? Also why program a synth boy to believe that he is the SS's son, when father believes that synths are no more than machines that humans should not feel emotions for?

What if Father made a prototype synth capable of more than any other synth. One that could learn, and had VATS embedded? I know it is just the game mechanic, how you level up, or is it? What if VATS and constantly acquiring superhuman abilities and skills that you take for granted is part of your programming? I posit that father wanted a legacy, and the SS is designed to eliminate the other factions and then take over as director of the institue. The SS is left to make his way through the wasteland, the commonwealth because he is a test and a prototype. He eliminates Conrad Kellog, arguably someone father would have seen as a potential danger to the institute. He infiltrates the other factions. And once the SS is made director of the Institute, he could provide stability as he could potentially live forever. And what is synth Shaun's role in all this? Humans shouldn't become attached to synths, except for the synths sent to manipulate humans for the institute's purposes such as mayor McDunnah. What if synth Shaun was made for the SS to keep him/her from malfunctioning, or in human speak, going crazy after hundreds of years as the director watching people live entire lives and die. Synths are the next step for humanity… Perhaps father made this synth to keep the institute forever on it's path.

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As I said, I'll be the first to admit that there is not a lot of evidence, but maybe there are other parts of the story or game mechanis that can support my idea?

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