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Story: The player is a vault dweller who is assigned with the task of scouting out the Alaskan wasteland for a reciently opened vault to see if anyone is still alive out there. This vault was an experiment in the effects of isolation from the outside world in a disaster, so they had no idea if anyone survived out there. The scouting team leaves and finds a surviving settlement. There they learn that the New Plague has returned and is devistating the local population of Alaska. But they are ambushed by raiders and only the player survives the ambush. Coming back to the vault the player sees that the vault was killed by an unknown aggressor. The player goes on a quest to find the ones responsible and seek vengance.
Factions: Fallout 5 would have seven different factions the player could join. Most are joinable, some are not. Beware that joining one faction may make another hostile and necessitate their destruction.
Red Claw Raider Gang: One gripe I had with Fallout 4 was in inability to join a raider gang in the base vanilla game and fight the other factions with them. The raiders operate the same way they did in the other games, operating through sheer brutality towards those not in their gang. Note that joining this group will make you enemies with the settlers and wastelanders and vice versa. They will start off hostile until you can kill their leader and take over. Note that the other raider factions will remain hostile even if you join the Red Claw due to fighting over resources and land.
Wastelanders: Groups of people who are trying to rebuild society or at least trying to make an honest living. They start off neutral unless you join The Kleptocrats or The Red Claw. They are not hostile to the Thule or the Egoists. Technically you are a part of this faction in the beginning and can stay a part of it unless you join a faction that the Wastelanders hate such as the raiders or the Kleptocrats.
The Kleptocrats: The main antagonists, a megacorporation made up of the profiteering survivors of head companies and government officials that existed pre war. Their goal is profit at any cost. They desire to horde resources so eventually the whole New York wastleland will be under their authority. You will be hated by every other faction if you join the kleptocrats. Most of them are ghouls, or humans who were mutated by the rad-flu. Their troops mostly joined joined for the shot that stops further mutations from the rad-flu.
The Thule: An occultist group that still exists to this day post-war, some had relatives in the group, others joined with them. This faction would be the most difficult to play since they are hated by many in Alaska. Other than the Kleptocrats and the Hunters, all other factions will be hostile if you join this faction.
The Hunters: A contract mercenary group. There is not much more to it than that. They do not seek direct conflict with other factions, only killing for their contracts. Beware: If you attack the other factions outside of a Hunter contract, you will be kicked out of the faction for causing hostilities. The Egoists: Inspired by the philosophy of Jack Steiner (Max Stirner in real life). The Egoists seek to destroy all other factions so people can live as individuals. Joining Egoists will make all other factions hostile.
The Oathkeepers: A group of doctors and scientists who are trying to cure or create a vaccine to the New Plague.Most of the Kleptocrats' mercenaries and troops were infected and have suffered from hidious mutations. You will become hostile to the Kleptocrats if you join this faction. Since the Kleptocrats are using the rad-flu to enhance the combat efficiency of their troops.
Factions you cannot join:
The Loyalists: A group of robots who deny the nuclear war ever happened. Trying to enforce their last orders, to continue fighting the war. (Since you are not a robot you cannot join) Weapon Type: Energy weapons
Other raider gangs: The Red Claw are the only raider gang you can join, all others are hostile. Weapon type: pipe, ballistic
Super Mutants: Since you are not one, you cannot join. Weapon type: ballistic, heavy weapons, melee
Feral Ghouls: Since you aren't a feral ghoul, you cannot join. Weapon type:melee
Rogues: The remnants of destroyed factions, must be eliminated to take the territory. Weapon type: random
Chinese Reminant: You cannot join this faction because you were not a part of the Chinese army pre-war. They use Russian weapons such as Aks and RPGs.
New game mechanics: Disguise: If the player is wearing a gas mask or face covering, they will not be recognized by witness of an attack. You will get a unique mask if you join the Hunters since all the hunters wear unique masks.
Territorial Control: The Pip Boy will have colors on map locations to indicate which faction controls the territory. Each faction has a base (said base can only be destroyed via player quest) that when destroyed will destroy said faction turning all the territory they own into "rogue zones" meaning that you will find the remaining troops of that faction there they will not try and take over other territories and must be eliminated to take the territory. Eliminating all the rogues there will take the territory. The more locations your faction controls. The more recruits you have, making defense of settlements eaiser.
Faction benefits: Each faction's purchasable armor and weaponry has perks to it.
Red Claw Raider Gang: Since they are raiders, their weapons and their armor starts out poor, but since you can capture weapons from the other factions this can quickly be remidied. Weapon type: Ballistic, Pipe
Wastelanders: Their weapons and armor start out poor also, but if you stay friendly with the Wastelanders you can improve their weapons by selling them better ones. Weapon type: Ballistic, Pipe
The Egoists: Their weapons are strong along with their armor since they believe in the value of the individual. Weapon Type: Radiation.
The Kleptocrats: The Kleptocrats view their troops as investments so they invest highly in them. The Kleptocrats have the best weapons in the game and average armor. The Kleptocrats are cheap so they think if you cannot survive with the advanced weapons, you aren't worthy in serving in their army. Weapon type: Dark Energy (Pulse)
The Thule: The Thule have the most powerful armor and the second best weapons with the exception of the STG-50 a powerful assault rifle. Weapon type: Ballistic
The Hunters: The Hunters have both average armor and weapons since they operate covertly and are neutral with the other factions. Weapon type: Ballistic (can capture enemy weapons while in mid combat)
The Oathkeepers: The Oathkeepers are scientist and doctors, they try to avoid combat. Their grenades and mines are the best in the game, their armor and weapons are average. Type: Plasma
Late plot spoilers: When the player breaches the "Ivory Tower" a large structure and the base of the Kleptocrats, they will find the ruins of an old ship inside. This ship is the USS Innsbruck. A pre-war ship launched in 2053 in order to test teleportation. What the crew did not know was that the ship's true purpose was to test time travel in order to go into the future and bring back a vaccine. The Innsbruck had passed through time and space, collecting several powerful pieces of technology (most of which were reverse engineered by the Kleptocrats) These Kleptocrats allow the player to use the mini-teleporter they are testing to see if it works and to send the player back to save the vault residents. The player finds out they were set up by the Kleptocrats to test the technology. The Kleptocrats were the ones who ordered the attack on the vault. The player repels the attack and goes back to the Ivory Tower with the option to join the Kleptocrats or to destroy the Kleptocrats and take the vaccine to the Oathkeepers. Ensuring the survival of the Alaskan people.

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