Fallout 76 Interview (Steel Dawn, Next Gen, 2021 content, etc.)

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Steel Dawn:

  • Survival system will be toned down (finally!) – Not drinking water or food will not grant you any negative effects. However, drinking water of food does give you some boosts.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel questline will have choices and consequences/"arcs" based on choices.
  • Steel Dawn includes new quest, allies, encounters, weapons/armor very similar to Wastelanders' content.
  • Won't be this "massive" one-drop DLC like Wastelanders, content will be spread out through updates like Wild Appalachia.

Daily Ops/Legendary Perks:

  • They're going to continue re-visiting existing "spaces" and retired Vaults for Daily Ops.
  • New modes, creature and mutations are being worked on for a greater variety.
  • Legendary Perks will be expanded upon so players would be able to carry over their legendary perks over to new characters as sort of a "New Game+" feature.

Fallout's 76 Future:

  • Even "crazier" content is coming next year – they're adding more "content, gameplay systems, balance tweaks, etc." The entire year is planned out.
  • Fallout 76 is considered "stable" now internally, so they want to focus on making content.
  • Building will be focused on heavily next year. (cough* settlement building/management please*)
  • New Halloween and Christmas event coming.
  • No plans for next-gen enhancements in any form – but will still be playable on next gen with no improvement whatsoever. (very unfortunate for a live service game.)
  • Crossplay/cross-save is not on their roadmap right now as that would shift the team's focus from producing content. Would need a lot of work than "flipping a switch".
  • Perk Loadouts just kept getting pushed due to other priorities that came up.
  • 50% of their content/ideas comes from Reddit and YouTube (keep the feedback coming!)
  • They're looking to add player-versus-player content in the future, not a priority at the moment due to the lack of players engaging in player-versus-player besides in Nuclear Winter.

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