Fallout 76 needs traveling companions

What’s missing in Fallout 76…

I started the series with Fallout 3 and have played every installment but initially avoided Fallout 76. I have never been an online gamer and the early reviews were not kind. With the wastelanders update, however, this seemed like the fallout games I am accustomed to. I am a teacher so I have downtime during the summer and bought the game for $15. With a 3 month online membership it brought me to about $40. I even splurged on Fallout 1st for the scrap space and the tent. I’m over 100 hours in and here are my thoughts so far.

1) The community is awesome. Helpful, friendly and generous. Events are fun. I enjoy playing with others in Fasnacht parade, Uranium Fever, Radiation Rumble, Campfire Tales and Free Range.

2) Outside of events though this game is VERY LONELY. It is nigh impossible to get anyone to support you on a quest or mission. I mostly enjoy the game but often play on edge and do not enjoy traversing dangerous areas.

I realized what was missing…a security blanket AKA a companion. Now Bethesda have introduced companions as C.A.M.P. Followers only and it’s just not the same. My favorite mission so far was Beckett’s final mission, which actually made me feel an authentic Fallout type experience for the first time, even if he seemed mostly useless in combat.

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I hope in the next update Bethesda adds traveling companions. They can be generic, a dog, a Mr Gutsy (like in FO3), an assaultron, etc. I miss taking on large groups of enemies or high level enemies without assistance, and I shudder at the thought of trying to complete the game or kill a scorchbeast on my own. Maybe Bethesda could introduce a code to make them travel back to camp when entering an event area. But what about PvP you ask? From what I have found the PvP is mostly non-existent. The only time I have engaged in PvP is when a high level player came to my camp and polite asked if we could take turns killing each other to earn trophies.


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