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So I’ve been writing a plot and flushing out a fallout game set 7 years after the bombs have been dropped, in Calgary, Alberta. The main story focuses on tribalism, where the militaries of both Canada and The US are still fighting for control of the city. There aren’t many raiders, and instead there are gangs, with traditionally might wear a piece of combat armor, a parka and a beanie, but not raider armor. There are a lot more ghouls around because it was so close. Refugees flood into the region because it wasn’t hit by the bombs.

Here are some main factions, most have there own main questline and you have to ability to join many.

Cunucks- a group made up of the remnants of the Canadian Military, and of college students who were rioting before the war. They lack the firepower that the Yanks have, but make up for it with manpower. To separate themselves from locals and refugees. They wear modified Mountie uniforms.

Yanks- the remnants of the US army under Buzz Babcock (real in lore) who after burning down Edmonton, decided to crack down in the insurgents in Calgary. They have set up in fort Calgary, and have special winter army uniforms. They are generally disliked by the settlements they haven’t made into puppets.

Cowtown- a town in the outskirts of Calgary, that still had a working canned food factory. They have become a economic hub of this wasteland, sending out caravans and growing cattle. They do business with everyone, even slavers

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Airdrie- a slaver nation, built out of an old golf resort- they capture slaves and sell them to most of the major factions, and there a very cap based community.

Roma Borealis- another slaver kingdom, this one fashioned themselves off Romans, there leader was a former professor of Roman history, so he commanded them with the zeal of a Roman emperor. They built a colliseum, and spend there days building up their kingdom, and watching slaves fight in the pit.

The Mercs- formerly the Big Sky Defense Company, they were a prewar private military company, who were tasked with keeping the peace in Calgary, since the war, they’ve taken over a hotel and are currently acting as hired guns, making their own settlement

St Mary- after the war, a bishop from Calgary sent out a call to gather all the surviving Christians in the Canadian Rockies outside of Calgary, to make a new holy land. You find them currently in a 3 way civil war, as groups of believers are starting to follow other gods such as the Dunwhich or Atom.

Communal Utopia- Vault Tec built a semi underground city in Canada, for high ranking members of society (the ones who weren’t in the enclave) and for those willing to shell and lots of money for the chance, as they couldn’t get into the vaults. They have a mission to expand and control for Vault Tec.

Ghoul National Front- a group of underage ghouls who believe they are a new superior race, as they have evolved and being immortal, they have taken prince island as their stronghold, where ghouls gather, feral or Unferal alike. They regularly go searching for more ghouls, free slaves, try to breach the Regional Medical

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Regional Medical- a hospital/ Red Cross that has been around since prewar and is funded by almost all the communities, even the gangs and slavers. This is because they help the sick and injured for everyone brought in. They’ve been trying to treat “the turned” as what they call ghouls, and have very little success, basically torturing them.

If you have any questions or anything about it I will love to answer. I have ideas for all the unique weapons and armor, and am going to try to start nodding when I finish flushing it out. Open to ideas as well.

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