Fallout: Great Plains

War. War never changes.

War has ended the course of many a civilization, the last pit stop on the fasttrack to annihilation. The Han Empire ended with a palace in flames, the Byzantines saw the end of Constantinople spew forth from great tubes of fire and brimstone. But while it may have been the end of their world, it did not spell the end of The World. In the 20th century, mankind split the atom and developed the capacity to end the world in a great fire. In the next century, mankind used it. What Pol Pot could not do in five years, the nuclear arsenals of the last remaining nation states accomplished in minutes. Humanity was brought back to Year Zero, left to scavenge in the ruins of what once was. A cloud of ash descended over the moribund world, and a new dark age descended over humanity. Those lucky enough to secure themselves a spot in one of Vault-Tecs great underground shelters, called Vaults, would survive the fires of annihilation unscathed. In time, these Vaults would open and their residents would form many of the wastes new societies.

Great Tribes now roam the wastes of the Great Plains, at odds with each other and the Mormon Settlers of Tyre. But a new foe has emerged from the depths of Vault 48, fueled by religious fervor and a series of successful conquests, ready to swallow whole the Great Plains. And War, War never changes.

Fallout: Great Plains takes place in the year 2280, two years after the NCR victory at the Battle of Hoover Dam and Two years prior to the events of New Vegas. The map is a shrunk down, condensed version of the States of Kansas, Nebraska and the Northern Half of Oklahoma up to and including Oklahoma City. The Geography would feature vast plains of grassland interspersed with trading towns, tribal villages, derelict (or in use) Military Installations and Vaults, Silos and three Major Urban Areas (The Ghoul City of Kansas City, The Mormon town of Tyre and Mahdiyya). The weather is extremely hostile, thick irradiated dust bowls sweep over the land and Tornados are a fact of life. Great herds of Bison(Tatanka) roam the plains, Wolf-Hawks and other massive birds of prey attack unsuspecting travelers, Tumble mite swarms roll in balls and attack and plains lions and irradiated wolves hunt the Bison and horses that now travel in herds along with most creatures from previous games such as Brahmin, Cazadores, Nightstalkers, Ants, Moles and Yao Guai. There are no Super Mutants or Deathclaws, but many other unique creatures to the region.

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Factions: I specifically avoided including any major factions in this concept, all factions are either original, based on IRL groups or in the case of the Mormons a minor faction in the other games.

Cherokee Nation:

Faction Leader: Chief Walks on Coals

The Cherokee are located in Northern Oklahoma, the descendants of the tribal nation of the old world. Having seen a revival of their fortunes after the dissolution of the Old World, native culture has seen a revival in general. The Cherokee have preserved their constitution, now worshipped as a holy document, either sent by the Ancestors or God depending on who you ask. The Canaanites have seen greater success in converting Cherokee to Mormonism then the other tribes, and now the Nation is at an impasse at what will be their Nation's religion, with members of both the Ancestor cult and the LDS in the tribal leadership.

The Omaha Tribe

Faction Leader: Chief Eyes of Wolfhawk

The most Isolated of the Tribes, they are a more spiritual and insular people. They hunt the Bison, raid and trade with other tribes and Mormon Caravans and Worship the Great Spirits of nature that protect them. They are polite to those they know but only begrudgingly allow outsiders into their areas of control, and do not take slights against them lightly. While their relationship with the Mormons is rocky at times, they hate the Mahdi Army having been temporarily conquered by the first Mahdi some twenty years ago.

Kiowa-Kansas Confederacy

Co-Chiefs Stands on Mahdi and Chieftess Arrow Through Eagle

The Kiowa and Kansas Tribes were forced into Personal Union not through politics but circumstances. When the Mahdi surged forth from Vault 48 and Conquered many of the Tribes, the Kiowa and Kansas were taught an invaluable lesson: Unite or Die. With their backs to the wall and no other way, the tribes unified as one, allied themselves with the Mormons of Tyre and the Kansas City Ghouls and at the Battle of Kansas City stopped the Mahdi in their tracks. While the Two Tribes are still separate entities, they are allied through the marriage of Stands on Mahdi and Arrow Through Eagle. Thus the union is fragile, and the more warlike and expansionist policy of Kiowa threatens to split the union. This policy has been conducted under the Chiefs new and shadowy advisor, who speaks in strange tongues and is bathed in Red.

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New Canaanite Cantons

Faction Leader: Dictate Israel Schulz, Bishop Damaratus

The Mormons of the Great Plains were a small population prior to the Great War, but in the centuries after the apocalypse their trading activities took them all over the wastes, where a large population ended up settling in the Great Plains, establishing a series of large towns. The threat of the Mahdi Army forced these towns to unite in a system modeling the Swiss Cantons, having a unified military but having different civilian leaders and a town council. It is the ambition of the Dictator Israel Schulz to unify the towns under the banner of a more centralized Republic, in this he is opposed by the Town Councils but supported by the Mormon and non-Mormon Caravan merchants.

The Religious Leader of the New Canaanites is Bishop Damaratus, a very different man. He claims to be a former Follower of the Apocalypse, though his real origins must be discovered by the player. He is highly intelligent and well read, and has catalogued the languages, history and customs of the tribes and the pre-war world. He is Dovish in outlook, even believing there is a peaceful solution to the conflict with the Mahdi, though this opinion doesn't have much supporters in the Mormon communities he ministers too.

The Mahdi Army

Leader: Ismail bin abid Sharia

Vault 48 was Vault-Tecs attempt in Northern Kansas at studying the nature of religious conflict. The Vault's population was 100% Christian, of varying denominations and levels of piety and with one priest or clergyman for each major sect and denomination present in the Vault. However, in a hidden compartment of the Vault lay the texts of the other major religions of the world. In 2248, the Vault was yet to be opened due to disagreements between the leaders of the different communities. In that year, a young and lax Evangelical Protestant by the name of Martin Brewer found the secret compartment, and a copy of the Quran. Martin Brewer secretly converted to Islam, and began gathering followers in the Vault. They overthrew the Overseer and the council, proclaimed Martin as leader and opened the Vault. Martin renamed himself Mahmud bin abid Sharia and after his well trained force conquered several nearby tribes, declared himself to be the Mahdi. His growing Empire rapidly conquered and converted by force many tribes and built a capital city around the Vault named Madhiyya, threatening the remaining independent polities of the Great Plains. At last, the remaining Tribes, Ghouls and Mormons banded together and in 2260 defeated the Mahdi Army at the Battle of Kansas City. The Mahdi's Jihad slowed, they retreated back to Mahdiyya to lick their wounds and prepare for the final battle against the kafir. Some Mahdi Scholars believe that peaceful conversion or co-existence is possible, though the player will have a difficult task getting both the Mahdi and the other factions to agree to peace.

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Ghouls of Kansas City:

Leader: Marcia Lowman

A technologically advanced Ghoul society living In and Around Kansas City. Open to outsiders and relatively peaceful. Works closely with the Followers of the Apocalypse.

Minor Factions:

Followers of the Apocalypse

Brotherhood of Steel


Oklahoma City Slickers: Fiend-like raiders controlling the territory around the ruins of Oklahoma City

Midwest Merchants Guild

Pawnee Raiders (Hostile AI Native Americans)

Yao Guai Company: Native Mercenary group, fight mounted.

Dushman: A small group of former Vault 48 Christian residents who fled the Mahdi Army and wage a guerilla war against them. The Mahdi call them "Dushman".

Hashashim: Assassins working for the Mahdi Army, though they take contracts from Infidels against other Infidels if you have the caps.

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