Fallout I-80:- The Founding of Battle Mountain. Starter town for my fallout TTRPG setting.

I am working on a Fallout TTRPG setting for a group of friends and I though I would share it here. The game will be set around the I-80 and the Nevada-Utah Border, just before the beginning of New Vegas. feel free to give suggestions or any criticisms you may have.


Battle Mountain is a newly settled NCR town on its most eastern border in Nevada. The town sits on the I-80 close to the Humboldt River, and Transcontinental Railroad. It was chosen as the staging ground of eastern expansion for a number of key factors.

Firstly, expansion has completely halted in both Baja and the Mojave due to conflicts with well organised bandits and the Massive tribal army of Caesar's Legion.

Secondly, Route 50 "the loneliest road in America" has proven to be to dangerous to overcome. The lack of shelter and stopping points makes the trail too long for caravanning to be profitable. Even if a caravan was to attempt the trip it would quickly fall victim to the many raider gangs in the area, particularly the 80s, A tribal gang which was expelled from Sac city by the NCR.

Thusly, the only route left east was the I-80, along which was to be found the, incredibly wealthily, city of New Canaan.


Battle Mountain was established through the North East Infrastructure and Settlement Act of 2279. This Act created the I-80a which linked vault city to the I-80 south through the now fertile Black rock Desert. The act called for additional expansion along the I-80 and the ruins of Battle Mountain were chosen for the first settlement.

This act was heavily supported by both Vault City and New Reno, who saw opportunities out east, and also represents a critical victory in the senate for those who oppose President Kimball's excursion into the Mojave.

As of the Act the "Tandi" Expedition was to be a privately funded affair but it was to receive "additional Government Protection and Blessing". However given the NCR militaries current commitments in Baja and the Mojave the expedition was been given very little military support. only 2 whole squads were promised to guard the expedition and the Settlement however, these were recalled to the Mojave due to increasing Fiend activity. Instead the security of the expedition was left to the City of New Reno who employed mercenaries and gang members of the many crime families.


Primarily the funding for the expedition came from 3 sources.

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Whilst many Senators back the Expedition, few gave it any financial support, seeing the act as a means to embarrass President Kimball. One Senator, Councillor Quigley, was enthusiastic of the plan and set up the "Frontier Republican's" a organisation who's purpose was to gather settlers for the expedition. With a aim of 200 Councillor Quigley spend a small fortune on propaganda and financial incentives. Overall this achieved moderate success and was able to gather around 123 settlers for the growing expedition east and a was given a health donation of 23 heads of brahmin (equal to 11 Brahmin and 1 Brahmin's worth of Dried meat) and supplies for the trip. The majority of these patriotic citizens were made of former small time ranchers who had been pushed off their pastures by the larger Brahmin Barons. Naturally the Councillor's own commitments prevented her from join in on the expedition.

New Reno's had a number of reasons to support the expedition. whilst Trade with the New Canaanites was the main aim of New Reno, one key aspect of support for expansion was to create a larger economic area for the sex, drug and gambling industries which were illegal inside of the NCR, outwith New Reno. the additionally the increasingly violent conflict between the Wrights and the Van Graff's is making many smaller crime families reconsider their own position in New Reno. Indeed many in New Reno saw the opportunity to "clean house". Whilst New Reno provided security for the expedition it also promised a 150 settlers for the expedition. However when the time came New Reno had only managed to muster around 71. These "settlers" were not the best New Reno had to offer and many were jet addicts and, petty thieves other "undesirable" residents of New Reno who were given a Choice, Battle Mountain or Golgotha?

For Vault City's part, its main concern was the promise of precious mineral mining in the region. Since its creation Vault city has been reliant on the Nuclear Reactor of Vault 8 and even with the addition of the Gecko Power Plant Vault City's growth is slowing. What's more, with the depletion of the Uranium mines in Broken Hills, Vault City has been on the hunt for more before its dwindling supply of uranium runs out and the East sounds promising. Vault City also provided 20 settlers for the expedition. These 20 Settlers were comprised mostly of young and green researchers, who had never spent a say outside of Vault city, and or members of the old guard who were creating a political nuisance in the city.

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On the 2nd of October 2280 The The final preparations were made and the expedition departed. in Total they numbered 197. A mixture of Farmer, Freshman and felons. Progress was slow along the I-80 as Sandstorms prevented travel regularly, and as they traveller further and further from NCR territory, raider attacks became more frequent. Very quickly many of the New Reno "settlers" began to desert and join the raiders attacking the expedition.

The hope of the expedition was to regularly resupply at the many towns believed to be doted along the i-80. The hope was to annex these towns after the settling of Battle Mountain. One by one these settlements were found in states of decay, abandoned, or striped bare and burned to the ground. at each settlement a passage of some unknown scripture would left in the town square along with the beheaded bodies of the towns people. These factors slowed the expedition so that what was to be a 10 day journey turned into a 3 week of hell.

On the 15th of October, whilst resting the expedition in the ruins of Mill City, they finally meet the raiders responsible for the pillaging. These raiders screamed of eternal damnation and were adorned with scraps of paper and scripture stapled to their armour and bodies. By this point the expedition had been reduced to 118, (many losses being deserters). They attacked in the night whilst many of the New reno Mercenaries were drunk or high. Preferring swords to rifles they rushed in and began massacring the settlers. Many fled into the wasteland, never to be seen again. In the chaos a NCR ranger veteran, named Howard Johnston, was able to rally the expedition and fight off the raiders. As dawn broke over the battle the expedition now numbered only 83, with many of the dead being from the Frontier Republicans. On that spot Howard Johnston was elected Mayor of Battle Mountain by the expedition and he quickly took charge.


Finally on the 23rd of October 2280, the Tandi Expedition arrived at the outskirts of Battle Mountain. Running low on supplies and energy Howard Johnston lead the surviving settlers into the town. for a short time their hearts were filled with hope at the sight of Church of the latter day saints, a temple of the New Canaanite's. however they found it was abandoned and had been since the great war.

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taking stock of their supplies Howard Johnston ordered the new towns people to begin preparing the area of settlement and for defences to be set up. The old Mormon Church was to be the Town hall, the settlers then began to scrap together housing from the many ruined small suburban homes in the area. The remaining Vault city Scientists adopted the Hospital as their main research laboratory. the people of Battle Mountain were able to loot the local sheriff office for some heavier ordinance and a derelict firework shop provided plenty of material for improvised explosives.

Whilst ranger scout reports had told of an airstrip, when searched it was empty of anything useful with everything having been picked clean. When attempting to scrap many of the rusting vehicles in the area the settlers found that almost all of them had had the useful scrap scavenged.

After days of work preparing housing, defences and the beginning of rudimentary farms being set up by the Humboldt river, The NCR flag was raised and the town of Battle Mountain was officially settled.

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