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Kicked around a Fallout sequel concept set in the PNW. The premise combines the best of NV and FO4 in that the playable character is just a normal person thrown into a world in chaos. It’s also ideal for replayability thanks to a certain aspect of the premise you’ll read below ;).

Let me know what you think! Add ideas, correct lore gaps, or generally geek out with me.


Travelling down an overgrown pre-war highway, a Brahmin caravan speeds along trying to reach their destination by nightfall. This far north of Klamath Falls and the beasts get wilder, most raiders even think twice. Tonight is different. The caravan is moving so fast that they’re ignorant of what’s waiting ahead. A vertibird carrying recovered pre-war tech loses control — crashes. The explosion is strange, atomic. It’s blast overtakes the caravan and the player sees themselves flung off the road.

The player survives, becoming the Lucky One. They wake up in a small camp south of Portland, told they’re lucky to survive by the doctor. They’re given options for treatment: 1) Wait and see how you heal (player is significantly scarred), 2) Accept cybernetics to fix the damage now, requiring lifetime maintenance, 3) Try an experimental serum to stimulate regeneration, or 4) Try an experimental radiation treatment.

Each choice decides the player race. Human, cyborg, mutant, or ghoul. The main storyline will be the same with unique side missions and faction options based on your race. How settlements receive you will also be unique, with some holding secrets specifically for a given race.

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Whatever path you choose, the Lucky One will be left wondering who and what caused the incident that changed their life. Unraveling the mystery will take them through a city full of secrets, opposing agendas, and the dangers of the post-nuke northwest.


The game is set in 2299 with Portland, Oregon as the main city and locations like Astoria, Mt. St. Helens, and the Gorge as nearby. This provides foggy beaches, snowy mountainous areas, deep forests, and crowded urban areas.

Weather plays a bigger role. Radstorms are infrequent, but snowstorms, heavy rain and wind all affect combat and stealth. The terrain is also challenging for power armour and other land vehicles, which struggle with mud, flooding, and the many roots that stretch across pre-war roads.


NCR – invading from the south in hopes of claiming fertile land largely spared by the Great War. This is critical as the NCR is quickly running out of food and other core resources. They offer civilisation and governance, but demand much of the Northwest Commonwealth.

Plainsfolk – native to the area, they’re the people taming the PNW. They’re outdoorsy, choosing rough and sturdy clothes over the clean, pressed attire from the south. Their society either is built in pre-war structures lost amidst overgrowth or humble towns using nature as cover. They’re concerned about remaining free, autonomous, and untouched by the NCR’s conflicts.

Brotherhood of Steel – attracted by stories of untouched lands, the Brotherhood is in the PNW in competition with the NCR. They fear the NCR will abuse any hidden tech as weapons to win the resources they desperately need. Secretly, the Brotherhood is also seeking a foothold in the west where the NCR isn’t yet established.

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Rose Raiders – an organised, paramilitary tribe evolved from simple raiders into organised local resistance against the Brotherhood and NCR. They’re sometimes friends to the Plainsfolk, but often are blamed for retribution from their violent resistance. Some groups can also use violence against locals to conscript fighters.

Little Necropolis – inspired by the City of the Dead far south, ghouls fled from all over the west live comfortably in a quarter of Portland where radiation makes human life more difficult. They’re known to trade with the Plainsfolk and even sympathise with the Rose Raiders, both opposing BoS, however, they’re often used as boogeymen due to their appearance.

Bigfoot – a rumoured group of creatures with pre-war lore. They’re actually a unique variation of FEV mutants that are hairy and more accustomed to the wild PNW. Some are feral, others civilised and organised. They’re largely found in the forests and areas of the city lost to nature.

Bourgs – cybernetic humans largely inhabiting the former Oregon Health Science University. They share this space with Follower’s of the Apocalypse, maintaining it as a institute for education and a refuge for the technologically enhanced, who are not trusted by the Plainsfolk and forced into service by the Rose Raiders. Their goal is to live in safety and use cybernetic medicine to help overcome radiation and other modern ills.

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