Fallout: London – Renewal announcement, Q&A and Sneak Peak Fallout 4

Hello to everyone here on r/Falloutmods due to a recent poll on our discord server we have been told to start using our Reddit again, so here we are!

Since the last time we used Reddit properly was in our infancy we thought some of you might be interested to see where we are now 2 years later. Especially since our work has increased tenfold since the majority of our developers have been locked away in the British Lockdown.

The last weekend of this month 27th-28th we will be holding a full Q & A session on our r/fallout4london page for people to learn about our mod and all the going ons with it. We hope you enjoy it and we would really love to hear some of the feedback from you people here on Reddit since this area is totally new for us!

We know many people have an active disdain for any ideas for worlds that are outside of the USA – So we only ask that whilst we appreciate and value your opinions on that matter, we aren't going to relocate the mod!

Also as a little treat for those who read this far:


To give people here something to see rather than words, we want to show you a 'Concept to Reality' something we always try to do over at Fallout: London.

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What started as the dramatic scribbling and budding ideas of our concept artist Yoshift came to a fantastic conclusion last night due to the great works of DocMoebius. By using an encapsulated space with optimised vanilla lighting he really managed to capture the dark and depressing nature of this scene.

We hope this shows our commitment to a high standard of work, and how far we have come from our once humble beginnings.

We always welcome people to come and join us on our Discord as well as check out our Website, the links for these can be found on r/fallout4london

Stay safe and remember. Mind the gap.

– Team Folon

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