Fallout: New Mexico. The Major Factions

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This idea for I been working on a Fallout game set in New Mexico.

A fallout game about aftershocks of Caesar’s death regardless of what happens in Fallout: New Vegas. With the death of Caesar during the event of Fallout: New Vegas the legion quickly implodes into warlord legions waring against each other and some of them simply split off from the legion to from their own legions and doing their own things. This causes a 15-long war between the many legions across Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado up to Denver, and eastern Utah. In 2296 when Fallout: New Mexico starts there only major two legions remain the Red legion and Augustus Legion alongside lesser smaller legions who remain outside the territory rule. This civil war among Caesar’s Legion is called the “Wars of the Legions” It plays out like Alexander’s Successor’s Wars of the Diadochi who become successor states like the Mongol Empire. The lesser legions who survive the wars from their legion identities and customs across the wasteland control parts of New Mexico Wasteland. While some of them turn back into raider gangs who raid the settlements across the New Mexico Wasteland.

Location: In various locations across New Mexico. The surrounding areas around Albuquerque, Taos, Las Cruces, Roswell, Farmington, Gallup, and Santa Fe.

• Red Legion – They are made up of former slaves of Caesar’s legion who rebel against their masters during Caesar's downfall. They are led by Warlord man Chairmen Hao Ming who was a formal slave and then turn the leader of the Red Legion. When the slaves at Colorado Springs rebel after they heard Ceasar was dead. They quickly rebel and soon the surrounding towns begins to do so too. They rally behind a slave that was once named Flavius Suedius who become their hero and shortly after create the Red legion. In numbers of years, large numbers of slaves rose across colorado and they wage a Guerrlia war on legions forces. Eventually, they defeat legions forces in colorado. By the year 2296, they control most of Colorado, southeastern Utah, and parts of northern New Mexico. They follow the words of Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels “The Communist Manifesto” and "Little Red Book" from “Chairman Mao Tse-tung” and aim to seek to build a socialist utopian across the New Mexico Wasteland and beyond.

• Augustus Legion – They were made up of reconquering tribes, other captured legions, and recaptured slaves. They are led by a legate named Augustus who was a formal legate for Caesar's legion. The slaves in Caesar legions Arizona rebel after they heard Ceasar had died. They quickly rebel and soon the surrounding towns begin to do so too. Augustus is a legate who controls Two Suns what used to be Tucson. Quickly put down the rebelling and attack other lesser legions in Arizona. Eventually, he gathers his remaining forces to attack Lanius's legion at FlagStaff. Augustus outsmarts and defeats Lanius's army outside FlagStaff. With Lanius dead or missing Augustus declares himself a new Caesar. By the year 2296 Augustus's Legion control most of Arizona, and parts of western New Mexico. They aim to reconquer New Mexico and surrounding territories that was once belong to Caesar legion and eventually expand the territories of Augustus legion.

• The Midwest Brotherhood – The Midwest Brotherhood had sent an army into New Mexico to controlling and regulating technology in the New Mexico wasteland. The Midwest Brotherhood forces eventually arrive in New Mexico, but their main airship was destroyed by red Legion spies outside of Las Vegas New Mexico. Causing Bos forces to station their smaller airships to the ground at the Airports they control. By the year 2296, the Midwest brotherhood has several outposts and bases in New Mexico who slowly recruiting from tribes and local settlements. The Brotherhood seeks to control keys areas in New Mexico with high levels of Technology and seeks to bring order to New Mexico Wasteland. Also, they are there to deal with a threat that ghouls of the Reservation are planning to build nuclear weapons and planned to be used on the people of New Mexico. In addition, the combat The Nexus their Humanoid robots from their path of exterminating humans in New Mexico.

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• The Reservation – made up of former Los Alamos scientist’s who have survived to become ghouls. They lead by Dr. Warren Clarka who believing they are Children of the Wastes they will inherit the promised earth. They are planning to create dirty bombs where they can deliver to their smooth skin oppressors throughout the New Mexico wasteland. Believing in themselves that are better suited to survive the post-nuclear world and eventually create a new society across New Mexico wasteland. By the year 2296 Reservation only control the ruins of Los Alamos and Los Alamos underground national laboratory. Eventually, they want to find enough uranium so they can build nuclear weapons to complete the process of turning New Mexico into a nuclear wasteland.

• Desert Rangers – They are made up of the remaining Desert rangers who didn’t join the NCR and who relocated to eastern New Mexico. Who continue to wage a guerrilla war against the Ceasar legion and now against the lesser legions factions. The Desert Rangers are the most feared and respected groups across the New Mexico Wasteland. By 2296 the remaining Desert Rangers in New Mexico control The Fort what use to be Fort Sumner and surrounding territories. They aim to protect the people of the wasteland against its hazards, from lesser raiders tribes and other numerous threats that present in New Mexico Wasteland. They eventually want to gather enough settlements on their side to create a stable society free from raiders, tyrants, and a sense of security for all.

• Commonwealth Republic – Made up of enclave remnants members who decide to break away from main enclave force after their defeat in Fallout 2 and some enclave members who were supposed to be relocated to the Capital Wasteland decide to join the Enclaves Remnants in New Mexico. They relocated to Very Large Array in New Mexico and remain there in secret for years during Ceasar legion rule until the War of Legions started. The enclave remnants were able to use their military skills and tactics to gain control of their region outside around Very Large Array. By the year 2296, they control Very Large Array and surround territories along the Rio Grande River. They promise the people of wasteland where could guide American back to the golden age of mall shops and drive-in movies. But their plan to rid the wasteland of everyone who didn't fit their definition of a real American.

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• NCR Rangers – After NCR Second victory at hover dam. The NCR send a small group of NCR Rangers to scout the legions and harass them for several years. As Legion rip itself apart they spy on numbers of different legions that rose and fell. At the same time, they spy and gather information about various settlements and raider tribes in the region. Eventually, they had a hidden outpost in Four States Commonwealth but was discovered by the Red legion. Most escaped across New Mexico wasteland. Eventually, by the year 2296, they blending in different towns across New Mexico Wasteland trading information to each other and then back to California. NCR Ranger's goal is to continue reconnaissance and ultimately to take out keys factions figures across the New Mexico Wasteland. To pave way for the NCR eventual Annex of New Mexico.

• Kingdom of Santa Fe – Descended from Vault Dwellers who follow the Catholic religion. They re-establish Santa Fe as a permanent settlement after the Great War and later rename their town the Kingdom of Santa Fe. In time their settlement becomes most prosperous and thriving across the New Mexico Wasteland. Eventually Ceasar legion annex Santa Fe after a long and costly siege. When they heard the news that Ceasar has dead. They quickly declare their independence and drove the remaining legionaries out of their settlement. By the year 2296 re-establish themselves as the Kingdom of Santa Fe. Creating several forts and outposts close to their settlement. Kingdom of Santa Fe's goal is to defend their city from major factions and launch their own Reconquista against raiders tribes and surrounding settlements.

• Comanche Nation – They were made up of remaining Comanches who survive the Great War. The surviving Comanches converge to Oklahoma were return to their tribal roots to become lords of the plains. After years of wage war on raider tribes and settlements, they create a Raider Empire and name their empire Commancheria. Eventually, made long distant raids into Eastern New Mexico battling against local raider tribes and settlements. When Ceasar legion comes they battle against each other for years never gaining the upper hand. Until Ceasar builds a wall along the Eastern side of New Mexico to protect his empire from Comanche raids and as well from other raider tribes. They continue to make their distant raids into Eastern New Mexico for years. When Ceasar legion begins to fall apart they aggressively raid and conquer different parts of Ceasar's Wall. By the year 2296, Comanche Nation has taken over the forts and towns all along Ceasar's Wall. Were they launch greater raids across New Mexico. Comanche Nation's goal is to integrate remaining raider tribes and settlements across New Mexico into their Raider Empire.

• The Nexus – Humanoid robots that are led by a supercomputer named the Nexus using organic human brains for processing power. As the nuclear devastation reduced the United States of America to ash, the Nexus ended up in what can be best called a slumber. It did not react to the nuclear holocaust, instead silently remaining hidden beneath a secret base in Dulce New Mexico, along with its robotic servants and pre-War charges slumbering in cryonic suspension. The humans in the base in time were either killed or left base as their robotic servants turn on them. Robots and the Nexus slept for over years. It all changed in 2289 when a group of Enclaves forces from Very Large Array breached Base's perimeter. This action activated the Emergency Pacification Protocol, designed as a contingency in the event of substantial foreign military presence on US soil, dangerous mutations, or a breach in the Base's defenses. Soon after the Enclaves forces at Dulce and nearly by settlements were all exterminate. Causing the people in northern New Mexico to flee to larger settlements safely or joining one of the major factions in the area. By the year 2296, The Nexus began rapid expansion and eliminate all humans across Northern New Mexico. The Nexus goal is to exterminate all humans in order to save mankind.

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(This is all concept idea and is a work in process. Addition subject to change) Feel free to add more ideas, if you want to.

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