Fallout New Vegas crashes when I do anything involving saves

A while back on my Xbox one I bought Fallout New Vegas because I’d heard good things about it etc but stopped playing pretty soon because I was to invested in other games to really play it. But recently, when I upgraded to a series s, I started playing again because I’d finished my other games. I quickly fell in love and started playing a lot, until yesterday when I was messing around in the strip and my game crashed right as I went into another part of the strip. I figured oh well it’s an older game hence a little glitchier and thought it would be fine, but when I reopened the game and clicked continue, it immediately crashed. Screen went black, that weird repeating audio sound played until I exited out of the game and quit it. I figured ok another crash so I’ll load my previous save but no. As soon as I opened my load menu the game went black, noises, had to exit out of the game again. It was then that I realized my save had corrupted and I figured welp that sucks I’ll have to make a new save file, and for the first little while, things were great. Woke up in doc Mitchell’s house, named my character, etc but as soon as I moved, crash. Then I said screw it and deleted my entire games progress. But as soon as I logged back on, I noticed the continue button was still active so I clicked it and my character was inside a casino and I could do everything as normal so I decided to save to check if it was back to normal but as soon as I clicked save, crash. Same would happen when I tried to load. So this time I made sure my entire game save was gone by going into the manage game tab and repeated delete all data until it said no saved data yet, and I finally thought I’d done it until I opened up the game and it immediately redownloaded my data from a backup or something. I can find literally nothing that works, any time I try to access anything to do with saved the game crashes, so I’m essentially limited to looking at the main menu. Please if you know of anything I can do to get it to work tell me because I was super invested in the story and really looking forward to beating the game. Thanks in advance for any help!

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