Fallout New Vegas crashing and slowing on good computer

I'm playing with the highest settings on a Windows 10 computer with an i7 and GTX 950M (this can easily run vanilla skyrim on high settings), and all my drivers are up to date. I'm not using any mods (when I started my most recent playthrough, I uninstalled the game from steam and deleted all the files, then redownloaded them to make sure it was fresh).

I've put about 25 hours into a new game, and have had to work around constant issues with sound and lag, and sometimes crashes to desktop. I first had issues with the sound stuttering horribly, and fixed it by switching from Bluetooth headphones to wired headphones.

Then I found that after playing for any significant amount of time (anywhere from a minute to 20 minutes, probably depending on location) the game would start to lag slightly, and gradually get worse. I was able to help this by saving and reloading the save, which seemed to reset whatever problem was happening, but it would always happen again.

Lastly I've been having infrequent crashes to desktop. When these happen, the game just freezes for about 20-30 seconds (the sound doesn't freeze) and then it's back to the desktop. These don't seem to have any particular reason to them, until I got to a specific point where it's crashed 3 times now (the specific spot is when I'm trying to buy some cards from the trader in crimson caravan. When I try to accept the offer, it crashes immediately).

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I've verified my steam files, and then followed the instructions of this Bethesda help article but I haven't had any luck. The Bethesda article suggested deleting the ini files and redownloading them, which I'm trying as I type this.

I know this computer can run new vegas without mods and not have these problems, because a few years ago it's done it. If anyone has any ideas about how to fix this, I'd appreciate it. I'll keep this post updated on whatever I find.

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