Fallout: New Vegas Veronica/Faction Questions

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So I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas in earnest for the first time, with this being my first Fallout game. I've really been enjoying it as a whole, but I have some questions about the factions and why I'm randomly getting attacked/why Veronica is acting the way she is as a companion.

  • I got the quest where I was supposed to take Veronica back to the hidden valley to talk with Elder MacNamara. But the moment I entered the office, Elder MacNamara stood up and she up and pulped him, causing me to lose standing with the BoS. I was wearing BoS T-51 power armor at the time. Why the heck did this happen? I couldn't really find anything on the internet. Was I not supposed to bring anyone to the bunker? Why didn't the guards to anything?
  • In the New Vegas Strip, I wen't to the NCR Compound, and except for the MP in the street, all the other MPs would try to attack me on sight, and get instantly decimated by Veronica, which was kind of funny. But why was this happening? Only the MPs were attacking me, not any other NCR personnel. I was also wearing BoS armor, but I don't know why they would do this.
  • When I wen't to HELIOS 1, the first thing Veronica did was pulp that NCR chick with the beret. I assume it has something to do with the fact that the BoS continually mention something happened at HELIOS 1, but why didn't any of the other NCR turn hostile, just her?
  • The workers in Sloan just started attacking me for some reason. I didn't have a companion. I was going to kill those Deathclaws, and then this angry guy started coming at me with a sledge hammer. I was neutral with the NCR, so I don't know why this happened.
  • The Great Khans also started attacking me for no reason. I was wearing BoS armor, but I don't know why that would trigger anything.
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I enjoy the game greatly, but I must admit, I'm very clumsy with keeping people happy, and have apparently offended a lot of people without realizing it. If anyone could help me understand the systems better and why this is happening, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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