Fallout New Vegas was fucked up

Content of the article: "Fallout New Vegas was fucked up"

I saw a thread on here which asked what was the darkest quest in Fallout. I mostly saw Fallout 3 and 4 random events, terminals, side-quests, and general ambience listed. And was surprised to see that the side-quests ‘The Coyotes’ and ‘Roadside Attraction’ was not mentioned.

In ‘The Coyotes’

While exploring the south-eastern outskirts of Vegas, Courier Six stumbles upon a refuge camp in Aerotech. Six speaks to the NCR captain in charge to learn that there have been mysterious disappearances of refugees within the camp, one of which was a little blonde girl who carried a teddy bear around. Courier Six offers assistance in finding the missing refugees. Eventually, in his investigation, Courier Six is led to a Brothel in Westside. He inquires about the missing refugees to one individual, Saint James, who mentions ‘He knows nothing of those missing persons in Aerotech’ Courier Six corrects him, and says he never said anything about Aerotech. This obviously makes Saint James a suspect. While investigating Saint James’ room, Six uncovers a human trafficking ring, Courier Six may even read the ledger which shows that several children, teenagers, and women, have been sold by a pedophile and some other degenerate, to a known sadistic rapist, Cook-Cook, or to a Fiend Leader, Motor-Runner, for around 500 caps. It is learned that the male children, the elderly, and the parents were burnt alive upon being sold for next to almost nothing, or killed during the abduction or sale. In one instance, a baby was kept alive so that the mother would be subservient to whatever demands Cook-Cook would’ve forced upon her. Courier Six may also discover the teddy bear belonging to the little blonde girl in the same room as the ledger, which insinuates the owner of the ledger, Saint James, raped her. Courier Six may confront the two traffickers, or bring the evidence to the NCR captain.

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In ‘Roadside Attraction’

After arriving in Zion, Courier Six is sent by Joshua Graham to collect several pre-war navigational devices, one of which is a compass. Six will travel to the bottom of a canyon cliff. He will discover a school bus. Upon the wreckage are the skeletons of children, some appear to be dismembered. Next to their bodies are children’s toys, lunchboxes, and of course, the compass. Courier Six may either find parts for the compass, repair the compass, or bring the broken compass to Joshua.

New Vegas’ willingness to go this far in terms of darkness, and touching real world problems that happen and things that may be seen in a post-apocalyptic environment make it one of my all time favorite games. It brings up every evil, from civillian casualties of war and the PTSD that accompanies it, to human trafficking, from plowing a mob bosses daughter a little, to snuff films. Cook-Cook, despite being very minor and killed relatively easily, can also make for a great detailed sub-villian, if you play the quests in order from The Coyotes -> I Don’t Hurt Anymore -> Three Card Bounty.

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